Math, age 3-5: Easy Education on the iPhone

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Math, age 3-5: iPhone App Written Review

Math Age 3-5

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

One of the absolute coolest things about the iPhone is its ability to kickstart early childhood education. It’s a mobile device that you use on a daily basis that can also be used to entertain and educate your children: To us, that’s just the bees knees. With that in mind, one of our new favorite educational apps aimed at children is Math, age 3-5 by developer EuroTalk. The app offers up some inventive ways in which to teach your children their most basic of math skills, including counting and pattern recognition. If your interest has been piqued, you can head on down below the break to view our whole review of this cool counting app on the iPhone.

Concept and Functionally

We feel we should mention that, though the app is free, only the first level pack that comes with the game is available without in-app purchase. This isn’t a terrible thing—in fact it’s really quite a nice introduction. But it does mean our review will be focused on what’s offered here in the free edition, rather than the other 10 packs that exist here.

The first set has your child recognizing patterns and arranging items by like size, color and shape. For very small children, this is the very first step towards real math skills, and we’re glad to see it represented here. In fact, the platform itself works quite well. Your child is given a set of jumbled shapes, and is instructed by the narrator to arrange them in a certain way. Once this is done, it’s on to the next set and the next bit of instructions. In this way, the child can get a real feel for the pattern of things, which leads to the later in-app purchases which in turn focus more on patterns, geometry, and the like. Overall, it’s a rather effective way to teach your children math, starting with the basics and working up.

Design and Graphics

Math Age 3-5

Math Age 3-5

Overall, we were really quite pleased with the graphics and artwork displayed here in Math, age 3-5. It isn’t the most visually stunning effort we’ve ever seen, but then again, we suppose it wasn’t really meant to be. For instance, the pattern interfaces are pitch perfect, though perhaps not quite as vibrant or as animated as we might like them to be. That being said, we don’t believe your child will have any trouble at all staying focused on the task at hand, even without a lot of fancy, talking baubles.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, Math, age 3-5 is certainly a bargain attraction as a free offering with a basic puzzle pack. Obtaining the rest of the app will cost you a smooth $7, but even that isn’t much to ask for utility like this. Still, we would have liked just a little more gameplay with the free edition. All in all, though, Math, age 3-5 still comes recommended.

Math Age 3-5Math, age 3-5 requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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