Pure RTS Awesomness on the iOS: Kingdom Keepers

Price: $1.99
Kingdom Keeper: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Developer DiGiDust has recently released a stunning new sidescrolling real time strategy game (RTS) for the iOS. It’s called Kingdom Keeper and is available for $1.99 through the iTunes store. As an avid RTS gamer, I was especially excited to review this new strategy app. Is Kingdom Keeper a true tactical iOS keeper? Read on to find out!


Billed as the “first true side-scrolling RTS” for the iOS, Kingdom Keeper pits the player against computer-controlled medieval fantasy armies. Instead of the typical flat map view in many RTS game, Kingdom Keeper has a sidescrolling view, with players starting at opposing ends. Build the typical RTS buildings (forts, farms, barracks, blacksmith and more), produce soldiers, upgrade your weapons, and proceed to trounce the enemy. With a total of 24 different campaign levels, 6 different world maps, multiple units and buildings, Kingdom Keeper has a pretty solid array of variety for RTS fans. Users can upgrade their hero units with 36 different skills, wielding them in battle to deliver the final blow. The story line is typical fantasy RTS fare, with users taking the role of a “Kingdom Keeper” to drive back the dark forces that threaten the land of Elvenhorn. Overall, the gameplay is quite fluid, with building a placing units easily done. Moving, attacking, upgrading and more was really easy to do and actually quite enjoyable on the iOS-something I was initially wary of. Battles can be quite entertaining, as you struggle to muster enough units or just the right type to counter the computer’s tough offensives.

Appearance and Layout:

Kingdom Keepers iPhone App Review

One of my favorite aspects of Kingdom Keeper is the impressive set of game graphics. The sprites, tiles and background for this lovely RTS sidescrolling app.  It’s actually faintly reminiscent of the wonderful early games in the Warcraft rts PC game series, with colorful medieval fantasy worlds combined with some darker, more serious elements. Character animations for heroes and soldier units look fantastic and well-rendered, buildings fit right in with the scenery, and the scrolling landscape vistas provide a great location for fierce skirmishes for territory. The game’s layout is quite easy to navigate and really a cinch to figure out on the first try. There is a really helpful tutorial at the start of campaign that helps newbs get a better idea of how this RTS functions too!


I truly believe that many RTS fans will have a blast with Kingdom Keeper on the iOS. It’s a thrilling stategy game app with a lot of replay value through the excellent Skirmish mode, allowing gamers to keep coming back to varied, challenging battles. While $1.99 is a little higher than many game apps, it’s a fair price considering the high quality game play, graphics and outstanding set of features to keep players returning to Kingdom Keeper. Kingdom Keepers is one of the best games I’ve seen all year at TheIphoneAppReview!

Kingdom Keeper iPhone app requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:


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  1. Kmansem says:

    It is unfair because they send too many soldiers out on ” beating old friends” from the bad side and they don’t let you regroup.

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