Franklin’s Bubble Blaster: Bubble Poppin’ Fun!

Price: $.99

Franklin’s Bubble Blaster: iPhone Video and Written App Review

Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

If your family is fans of Franklin and Friends, or you’re just looking for a fun new game for your little ones, look no further than Franklin’s Bubble Blaster. This never-ending game from Watch More TV Interactive is full of surprises, and stars the adorable cast of this endearing Canadian show. So get popping!

Concept & Gameplay:

The idea behind Franklin’s Bubble Blaster is that Aunt T’s bubble machine is out of control, and it’s your job (or your kiddo’s job) to keep the air clear by popping as many bubbles as possible in the given time. Each level is timed, but the casual game keeps it low key. Miss a bubble? No biggie. Touches like that help keep the app super kid-friendly.

As you play, surprises, boosts, friends and fun effects come floating up in their own bubbles. Any time a special bubble is tapped it can have change the whole game. Some are simple point boosts, while others make the bubbles grow or change color. The variety of effects is great, and sure to keep your little ones engaged. Popping special prize bubbles unlocks neat Franklin and Friends wallpaper you can save to your iDevice’s camera roll to enjoy any time.

I did find myself wishing the app had an option to save your progress, but the little ones who tested this app didn’t seem to mind starting from the beginning again. I predict older children would enjoy the game more if it had a save option.

Layout & Design:

Franklin's Bubble Blaster iPhone App Review

Franklin's Bubble Blaster

Franklin’s Bubble Blaster sports some adorable animations and graphics. Not a huge surprise, considering the CGI cartoon is really quite good itself. The colors are bright, the bubble popping mechanism is spot on and error free, but keep in mind the game only reads a single touch at a time, so be careful if someone ties to play it with two fingers.

I was really impressed with the creative bubble effects in the app. It’s delightful to see the kids squeal over a honey bomb that slows them, or the snow flake bubble that freezes the screen.

One thing that didn’t impress me was the first page’s link that leads to other apps from this developer in iTunes. Parents often only want their family playing with apps that have zero outside content or links, so the app’s score suffers a bit from its inclusion.

Overall Value:

For $.99, I think Franklin’s Bubble Blaster is a steal. Again, this app will appeal most to young fans of the Franklin and Friends TV show, but I think it sports a simple, addictive gameplay format in a pleasing, mostly kid-friendly format that families will really love.

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Franklin's Bubble Blaster



Franklin’s Bubble Blaster iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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