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Hypnomatic: A Hypnotist in Your Pocket

TweetPrice: Free Hypnomatic: iPhone App Written and Video Review Have you ever wanted to try hypnosis, but you’ve simply been too afraid to ever give it some serious consideration? Have you heard all about the benefits that it can bring to you, but you’re just not sold enough to go out and pay someone you’ve […]


Spoing: The Best Platformer We’ve Seen Yet

TweetPrice: $0.99 Spoing: iPhone App Written and Video Review   It’s not always a full-proof plan, but when Chillingo decides to put its name on an application, we can usually assume that the end-result software is going to be a future classic on the iPhone. After all, the company did promote Angry Birds, Cut the […]


Meet Brick Breaker and iOS’s Love Child, MacBrickout

TweetPrice: Free Rating: MacBrickout: iPhone Written App Review Time for a startling confession. Before I fell in love with all things iOS, I was a diehard BlackBerry user. Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest. In the time since I gave up RIM for the fairer, more exciting operating system of the […]