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1Card: iPhone App Written and Video Review


1Card for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you’re like us (God help you) you have about half a dozen different rewards cards just sitting around in your wallet. Maybe it’s the coffee shop down the corner, or perhaps its the hardware store you’ve been a frequenter at thanks to the new renovations. Either way, all that plastic can really eat up your wallet space. To fix this, why not use 1Card by developer TrackNose? Thanks to the app’s simple design, ease-of-use and powerful organizational skills, you can remove a lot of clutter and still keep all your loyalty cards with you in one go. For our full review of the app, head on down below the break!

Concept and Functionally

As stated, 1Card has one goal and one goal only: To remove all that plastic out of your wallet and put it onto your iPhone. And for the most part, it does a real bang-up job with it, too. Adding new cards is simple, though you will need to sign-up for an account with 1Card either through Facebook or the service proper. Once done, you can start adding those loyalty points away! The app allows you to enter customized information, including a photo of the card for use in the wallet, or you can simply scan a compliant barcode. We had some success with this, but for the most part we were left entering our information by hand.

The app also offers coupons that can be redeemed if you’re in a compliant location. However, don’t expect much if you live in the United States. The app’s developers recently added a new branch in California, but partners on the ground are still somewhat slim. However, if you’re in Italy, you can find a whole lot of bargains that are even mapped to your area. We hope, as time progresses, more of this fluidity is brought to us here in America.

Design and Interface

1Card for iPhone

1Card for iPhone

Thankfully, the app looks pretty great on our iPhones. All of the cards you have saved will automatically be put into the app’s home wallet, which looks suave and sleek, especially with a ton of entries to weight it down. As stated, we also had no problems entering our card information by hand, though we would have liked more consistency with the barcode scanner. All in all, though, 1Card proves to an efficient and gorgeous way to remove clutter and carry some much-needed items with you while on the go.

Overall Value

The app is also free, which comes as a tremendous boon. Still, until the entire app has been translated into English, has more partners here on the ground in the States, and works with more of our loyalty cards, it’s an hard sell. We hope future updates and expansions bring this functionality, but in the mean time, you may still yet be stuck with armload of plastic resting in your wallet.

1Card1Card requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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