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Cyclic Work Schedules Made Easy: Workdays App

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Workdays: Written iPhone App Review When you think of a typical work schedule, what comes to mind? A 8-5 job, Monday through Friday? This may be the case for many American workers, especially at white collar office jobs. However, have you ever stopped to think about those working rotation schedules that ignore […]


Shuriken Chicken: It’s All in the Name, Isn’t It?

TweetPrice: $0.99 Shuriken Chicken: iPhone App Written Review Do you like running games for the iPhone? Better yet, do you like running games that feature ninjas, chickens, witches, and hand-crafted felt art? If so, then count your blessings because Shuriken Chicken by developer Games for Gummie caters to all your specific needs and more. The […]


MonTowers: Monster Battles, with an Anime Backdrop

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: MonTowers: iPhone Written App Review Looking for a graphically titillating monster vs. monster game, where summoning beasts and a scantily clad side-kick are the main event? Look no further than MonTowers. This tactical battle app from Buff Stone combines several popular monster gaming types in its very own concoction of action and […]