Zone Blitz Magazine: Football Made Beautiful on the iPad

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Zone Blitz Magazine: iPhone App Written Review

Zone Blitz for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like football? No, we mean do you really love the sport that America is best known for? Do you spend all of your time combing through the Internet looking for good reads about the strategy, looks, and style of the sport? If so, then may we suggest to you simply the best magazine for football we have ever seen on the iPad. Zone Blitz Magazine by developer VTOK combines killer content with one of the best looking reader interfaces we’ve yet to see on our iDevice. With that in mind, you can jump on down below the break to view our whole thought on Zone Blitz, starting with:

Concept and Functionality

First off the bat, we feel we should mention that Zone Blitz isn’t so much an app as it is . . . well, a magazine! You’ll find it in your iPad’s news stand once downloaded. However, this makes the app infinitely more convenient, as new monthly installments come through exactly as if you were receiving a magazine. So with that in mind, what exactly does Zone Blitz offer?

To cut to the chase, the app brings you all the best, biggest, and brightest highlights from the last month where football is concerned. Not only that, but with a genuine emphasis on the “art” of the sport, you’ll be getting an entire heap of photographs to compliment your passion for the field. You’ll get articles on game changing decisions, analysis of the coming season, player reports, and as stated, a whole host of football portraits. It’s really quite an engaging mix, and one that’s made all the more useful by the interface that’s been constructed for Zone Blitz. On that note:

Design and Graphics

Zone Blitz for iPad

Zone Blitz for iPad

We’re just going to say this: Zone Blitz offers simply the best reading interface we have ever seen on the iPad. How is this possible? Oh, buddy are we ready to tell you!

Firstly, the app treats pages as most reading apps do: You can flick through them from side to side, just as if the app were a traditional magazine. However, you can also scroll down. This adds a whole new dimension of content to Zone Blitz, and most beautifully of all, the background images and text will actually change as you scroll. We have a hard time describing how intuitive, iPad-ey and generally cool this feature is. Generally speaking, we’d suggest you give it a go and experience it yourself.

Overall Value

At three bucks an issue, Zone Blitz is cheaper than almost any print publication we could name. Not only that, but with the impressive interface included into the mix, there’s almost no reason not to try Zone Blitz out if you’re a dedicated sports fan. As such, we’re going to cut straight to the core of the issue: If you like reading about football, Zone Blitz is your mecca. Enough said.

Zone BlitzZone Blitz requires iOS 4.2 or later and is iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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