WorldCard HD: Contacts Made Simple on the iPad3

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WorldCard HD: iPad App Written Review

WorldCard HD for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you have a lot of contacts on the iPad? Better yet, do you have contacts spread out across DropBox, the iCloud and your iPad? Do you wish you had a convenient and beautiful place to edit all of these names, addresses, numbers, and pictures? If so, then step right up, Soldier! WorldCard HD by developer Penpower Technology is the perfect option for your needs, barre none. The app is certainly pricy, but in a business setting when you’re swamped by contact information cards, it’s really quite the lifesaver. For our full review of the app, head on down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

What WorldCard HD does is simple, yet incredibly powerful. The app allows you to speedily import your contacts from either DropBox, the iCloud, or your Contacts application, displaying them immediately in your sorted lists. However, the fun hardly stops there. The app displays each contact as a specific card, or in a list if you prefer. From here, you can selected any combination of cards to move them to a new group, delete all or a few on a whim, and even send them off as a vCard to just about anywhere. In addition, the level of detail available for you to edit within each card ensures that you’ll know exactly who you’re getting in touch with. Right down to the position at their department and their physical address, you’ve got the contact nailed.

The app is split amongst three tabs, the first of which merely shows you your groups and cards. The second offers you your favorites, which is quite nice. However, the last tab is great: It displays your contacts on a map, showing you where they’re located for easy reference. If you travel a lot for business like we do, this is a great way to get your head straight for a trip.

Design and Layout

WorldCard HD for iPad

WorldCard HD for iPad

Best of all, WorldCard HD looks absolutely fantastic on the iPad and works equally well on all versions of the iPad. This review was done on the iPad3 and it worked flawlessly. The tabs we mentioned earlier make navigating the app a breeze, while the cards themselves render like fine, Greek art. We liked the level of customization that’s available, but most importantly, we liked the syncing options. Having the ability to load our contacts from our vCards, from DropBox, from the cloud, and even just off the iPad saves us a lot of time, as we have multiple cards saved at each. And with easy exporting to boot, there’s no reason not to like the connectivity.

Overall Value

However, WorldCard HD is certainly pricy, clocking in at just under $15 in the App Store. Still, if you’re in need of a rock-solid card manager for the iPad, it’d be hard to do much better. The interface is gorgeous, the functionality is there, and the price isn’t terrible. As such, WorldCard HD earns our full recommendation.

WorldCard HDWorldCard HD requires iOS 4.2 or later and is compatible with iPad, iPad2 and iPad3. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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