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Wood Puzzler: iPhone App Written and Video Review

Wood Puzzler for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we tend to see a lot of the educational apps that are pushing the boundaries of iOS devices as a learning tool. Some of these are really quite good, while others are downright atrocious. However, we’re tickled pink to introduce to you today one of the single best instructional applications we’ve ever seen for the iPhone. Yes, we’re talking about Wood Puzzler by developer Little Five. The app is a near perfect amalgamation of everything a learning app should be, arriving with cute graphics, an engaging game mechanic, and of course, enough learning material to appease the concerned parent.

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Concept and Functionality

When it comes to educational apps for children, the style of these offerings tends to come in two distinct varieties. Firstly, there are the eBook garden types that offer a digital interpretation of a traditional children’s book. Then, there are what we like to call mini-game titles. These are collections of mini-games intended to entertain the child while teaching them valuable lessons. In the case of Wood Puzzler, the games are intended to teach your children how to read, pronounce, and use the alphabet—a vital skill as any parent knows. The games themselves are really quite brilliant: Firstly, the child is asked to arrange the alphabet as it aught to be on a wooden board. With each letter moved, the letter is pronounced, allowing your child to hear and retain the sounds of the letters. When a lowercase and uppercase combination are completed, a specific word that begins with the letter is given. The other two games follow suit: The next has your child spelling out cute words and arranging short puzzles, while the last has them spelling at will. It’s a brilliant cocktail, and all in all, we think it’s a fabulous way to teach your child the alphabet one sound at a time!

Design and Graphics

Wood Puzzler for iPad

Wood Puzzler for iPad

On another note, it’s quite clear that the developers have spent a lot of time ensuring that the app actually looks good. The end result is a children’s app that’s ripe with cute animations, easily controlled touch schemas, and of course, near perfect narration. We loved the simplicity of the drag-and-drop controls, as well as the cute puzzles the child will be putting together. Top-notch work, mates!

Overall Value

We’ll spin it to you this way: There are few apps we would truly recommend to a concerned parent— Wood Puzzler is easily one of them. The app is cute, endearing, and guaranteed to reinforce your kid’s early language acquisition. If that sounds like a bargain to your ears, then we’re on the same page. Wood Puzzler is a must-have from the ground up.

Wood Puzzler requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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