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Video Sample: iPhone App Written and Video Review

Video Sample for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Video Sample by developer SKJakkula is exactly the sort of app we love to see here at the iPhone App Review. Why? Because it’s a simple utility app that performs a function that’s useful, easy to manage, and endlessly creative. In this case, the app allows users to take snapshot pictures from their videos. It’s a simple concept, but it’s one that’s incredibly useful should you need to add a new image to a video reel, or any other number of creative bends. In other words, it’s an app worth test driving, and for our full review, one only needs to check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, the basic idea behind Video Sample is fairly simple to grasp. The app allows users to load videos from their photo gallery inside Video Sample’s walls. We liked the fact that we didn’t have to work through iTunes File Sharing to manage this: The app has direct access to the camera roll, saving us a lot of end pain. Once loaded, videos play naturally within the app’s playback monitor. Here, the user needs only to slap the little camera button at the bottom of the app, and Video Sample saves the frame. This is done discreetly, and without stopping the video. This allows the user to continue to view the action, but while all along saving their favorite moments. Once the user has had all they need, they can hit the done button to arrive at the next screen. Here, Video Sample allows the user to edit the photos using contrast, color, rotation, and even an array of Instagram-esque filters. It’s a wonderful mix, and as the photos can be saved directly to the photo gallery again (or sent out via email) it could not be easier to share the end results.

Design and Graphics

Video Sample for iPhone

Video Sample for iPhone

At the end of the day, we loved the functionality that Video Sample is offering. However, we weren’t such big fans of the interface. The video player works flawlessly, and we have no complaints there. However, the rest of the interface feels somehow rough around the edges. For instance, we experienced a fair amount of lag within the photo editing suite. We also felt it strange that we couldn’t immediately return to the same video, but rather had to reload it to take more photos. All around, we feel Video Sample needs a fair amount of streamlining before it fully becomes the utility it wants to be.

Overall Value

That being said, the app is easily worth the dollar it costs. If you’ve been waiting for just such an app on the iPhone, you can stop waiting. Video Sample is all that it promises to be and more, and as future updates improve the look of the app, we can only assume it will age wisely.

Video SampleVideo Sample requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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