Spanish English Dictionary – A Definitive Mobile Translation Guide

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Spanish English Dictionary: iPhone Written App Review

Spanish English Dictionary iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Need a hand with your Spanish to English or English to Spanish translation? There’s one rocking app for that. It’s aptly named Spanish English Dictionary, and it comes to us from the folks at Ascendo Inc. This handy app’s earned top marks in the iTunes App Store, and with good reason. Read on to find out what makes this translation and conversational guide app top notch.


The Spanish English Dictionary iPhone app contains (surprise!) a Spanish English dictionary with an awesome predictive text feature and history record, a handy phrase guide with some items specifically designed for back packers (see the “Where is the youth hostel?” entry), an extremely thorough verb conjugation guide and an interesting quiz section.

Since the app’s a dictionary, the quiz can actually be pretty brutal. It may have been because I couldn’t find a way to change from European to American English, but I didn’t recognize one or two of the words they wanted me to translate. I still gave it the good ole college try, and ended up having a lot of fun, and an 85 percent success rate.

The rest of the app’s features are also just plain good. The phrases section is really very thorough, touching on common topics like common chit chat and going on to more complex convo topics, such as emergencies.

Oh, and the app contains thousands of audio pronunciations. If a word in the dictionary is missing one, you can actually add your own, along with photos and notes of your very own. Frankly, this app’s content is amazing.

Layout & Design:

Spanish English Dictionary iPhone App Revie

Spanish English Dictionary

Thankfully, using the Spanish English Dictionary iPhone app is also quite simple. Each category is organized by tab, and you can actually adjust the order and which ones are on display in the app’s settings. You can also change the font and color. Otherwise, the app is pretty basic. Which, since this is an educational app, is really just fine. I doubt users will be wishing for more doodles or embellishments when they’re trying to find your way to a hotel or order dinner.

Overall Value:

The price tags is one of my only issues with the Spanish English Dictionary iPhone app. Without a question, the content of this application is thorough, helpful and plentiful. But it costs $9.99 to download and use the app, and the audio translations do not work when your iPhone is offline, so be ware sneaky data charges or find a good Wi-Fi network before digging in.

Still, this app packs an undeniable allure for travelers. It’s more compact and easier to use than a traditional paper dictionary, and just plain cooler. I highly recommend adding Spanish English Dictionary to your iPhone mas rapido (that’s very fast to the unilingual) if you’ll be traveling to a Spanish speaking area or you’re just trying to brush up for class. This app is top notch.

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Spanish English Dictionary



Spanish English Dictionary iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. BryanZ says:

    Good review. I bought this app for Spanish class and I’m plan to use it for euro-railing this summer. I like being able to add my own notes to phrases.

  2. Anne says:

    This is cool! Nice post. Definitely this will help Bryan for his Spanish classes.

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