Historical Board Game Fun: Roman Backgammon

Price: $2.99
Roman Backgammon: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you a backgammon fiend? Did you know the history behind this classic board game dates back to the Persian Empire? The Romans were responsible for much of the spread of backgammon, helping introduce it throughout the Middle East to the Far East. Would you like to try the more traditional version of backgammon, as possibly enjoyed by the Romans? Check out Roman Backgammon from EOZ Games on iTunes today.


Roman Backgammon is compatible with Game Center, allowing the user (if using iOS 5.0) to challenge and receive challenge games from friends. Alternatively, if you actually have gamer friends that you hang with, try the Play and Pass game mode, taking turns on the iOS device. Forever alone? Try out the play against the computer mode, with three difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard). If you’ve played backgammon before, you’ll have no problems picking up this more simplified version (no triangular points that are found in modern backgammon). Of course, if you haven’t tackled this fun board game, you’ll need to read the excellent game intro under the Info section. Want to play your own beats while beating your opponents at Roman Backgammon? This app allows you select your own music from your library through the options menu. Overall, Roman Backgammon has a great array of features and handles excellently on the iOS. I was impressed with just how easy it was to dive into a game and the multiplayer options available for Roman Backgammon.

Appearance and Layout:

Roman Backgammon iPhone App Review

Roman Backgammon rocks a mosaic, Roman-esque layout. It really looks great on the iOS and the layout is pretty simple to figure out. The developers, EOZ, appears to have put considerable thought into the historical-themed graphical design, making for a pleasant gaming experience. I also like the board game animations, including the dice rolls (looks really natural). There is also some catch sound effects included with Roman Backgammon, further rounding out this solid board game.


With a combination of classic graphics, addicting game play, catchy sound effects and info of significant historical interest, Roman Backgammon is a solid board game on the iOS. At $2.99, it’s not terribly expensive and the multi-player options are considerably impressive, making it a much better deal than an actual board game of backgammon purchased at a brick ‘n mortar store.

Roman Backgammon  iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:


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