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PrintJinni for Epson: iPhone Written App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Have you ever wanted to print files directly from your iOS device, without having to send them to your PC or other intermediary program? PrintJinni for Epson offers this service for the Epson All-in-One printer.  Produced by ThinxTream, this unique app offers a wide array of features and compatibility options.


In a nutshell, PrintJinni is a mobile print sync device for your iOS. It allows users to directly print documents and images straight from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. PrintJinni gets rid of the usual print requirement for a computer or other networked desktop device (no intermediary device needed!), instead sending files directly to linked printers wirelessly. It’s a great concept and while PrintJinni isn’t the only mobile printer device for iOS, it certainly does the job well. However, it is limited to Epson All-In-One Printers, and is not compatible with Lexmark, Brother, and other popular printer brands.Once loaded, users can choose to print from their built in Paste Board, Web Storage, Downloaded Files, or pay for the service. It worth mentioning that PrintJinni is available for free download, but requires purchase of a subscription after the initial 30-day free trial expires. Payment plans range from $0.99 for 50 days to $3.99 for one year.
PrintJinni offers default print settings that users can customize quickly. There is options for Color or Black and White, and page size all on one easily accessible screen. To print off of a users email requires a quick and easy setup, with MobileMe, Gmail, Exchange, AOL and other email types supported. Once setup, users can print email content using the Paste Board feature, or choose to open email attachments with the Open with PrintJinni option. PrintJinni is compatible with DropBox,, and Apple iDisk.

Appearance and Layout:

PrintJinni iPhone App Review

It’s a little intimidating to be figuring out a new mobile printer app for the first time. After all, I expected this app to be considerably more complicated to assess the average Angry Birds-clone game. However, developer ThinxTeam has taken steps to ensure the user browsing experience is easy from the start. Buttons and tabs are arranged logically, with three main menus to choose from (Home, Set up Email and Print Settings) at the bottom of the screen. The support website for PrintJinni also offers a massive amount of user help from the developers, including an amazingly extensive FAQ and help videos.


The large array of options available for PrintJinni, combined with its ease of use and great layout makes it very solid iOS-to-printer option. The subscription fees may very well discourage some customers from taking advantage of the full host of features available in PrintJinni and it would be nice for it to have a one-time-purchase price. However, for those willing to deal with subscription service, PrintJinni offers a wonderful and convenient service.

PrintJinni iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: [Rating: 4/5]



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  1. Dan says:

    How do I get it to print to my new Canon pixmamg5420 printer? The program worked fine with my old HP printer.
    I does not recognize the canon or says it is not available, very frustrating!
    Thank you, look forward to your email reply, Dan

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