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Price: $9.99

Polaris Office: iPhone Written App Review

Polaris Office iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Looking for an app that will let you create, edit, notate and otherwise master documents on-the-go? Then you’re in luck. During an intro period the awesome Polaris Office iPhone app from Infraware Co. Ltd is available at half price for $9.99. So if you’ve been searching for a mobile presentation and document power house, now’s the time to spring, my friends. Let’s see how this app holds up to The iPhone App Review critique.


I expect a lot from mobile productivity apps, and was really rather pleased with Polaris Office. The app handles Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files without breaking a sweat. Not only can you edit, notate, update, and generally pwn existing docs, you can create new ones. And not just .doc, .xls, etc, but .docx and other Office 2010 formats are also supported.  I was particularly impressed with the app’s ability to work with PowerPoint docs. A lot of doc monitoring apps don’t support creation or serious editing, but Polaris Office does, and at quite a sweet price.

On the down side, the app does not support creating or editing PDF docs. The font selection is not all-inclusive, and some of the more advanced functions in PowerPoint documents weren’t supported, such as adding videos. The app also fails to integrate with many popular document sharing services. If it had a DropBox share feature, or even a Box.com or Google Docs option, I’d be much more impressed. However, for creating, maintaining and saving docs directly to your iDevice, this app is pretty prime.

Layout & Design:

Polaris Office iPhone App Review

Polaris Office

Using Polaris Office is a breeze. The interface is extremely straightforward. While it won’t require a big tutorial to teach users how to use the app, there are a few sample docs and an Editing Documents sample doc that can help out users that have any questions.

Let’s not forget that, should you ever get lost, you can actually do a search for any document or wording from almost any screen. One complaint I do have is that the recent doc feature doesn’t always work, especially not for PDFs. But this is a minor complaint in an app that works so simply and intelligently that it’s perfect for users of any level of proficiency.

Overall Value:

I definitely suggest getting the Polaris Office iPhone app during its promotional pricing. Paying $9.99 for an app like this, if you need one, is a no brainer. Polaris Office is smart, well designed, handles a wide variety of work and makes a good impression. Sure, there are a few improvements I’d really like to see, but for a first look, I couldn’t be much more impressed with the app. It’s definitely heading in the right direction.

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Polaris Office



Polaris Office iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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