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MyPrice: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you a freelancer and want your services to be presented and charged fairly and appropriately? Do you have somewhat of an idea of what you prefer to charge for your services, but are slightly unsure if they meet the criteria of your current location socially and economically? Then MyPrice from developer MD Interaktiv is just for you! This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and it also requires iOS 5.0 or later.


When MyPrice initially loads, the user will be prompted with a greeting screen that, when the user continuously scrolls from side to side, will introduce you to the basics of the app itself. Thus the MyPrice app will assist freelancers in figuring out the best and appropriate charges for their services depending on location, client type, and service subject. This app will also assist the user in evaluating various projects based on personal experience and expenses, and help in providing the user with a better concept of what they should and should not be charging their clients for. Since it is a “cloud-based” app, the user can access their projects and data on multiple devices and still view and work with the same information.

After the greeting screens, the user will select their current country location. So far the only available countries to work with are the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Mexico. Then the user will be prompted to log in with an existing account or register with a new one. Afterwards, the user will be able to proceed in sorting and inputting their desired information to be calculated and have appropriate results generated.

For those who want a glimpse of what the app is like from a better visual perspective, the developer has created a video of the apps and its various functions here.

Appearance and Layout:

MyPrice app review

The overall layout of MyPrice is very clear and coherent. The color scheme is primarily grayscale, and the function screens are easy to navigate through. There were a couple of spelling errors visible on some of the screens, but not blatant enough to throw off the understanding of the functions or instructions.


The fact that MyPrice is available for free is an excellent deal. Most similar apps that offer related type of functions as MyPrice would charge for downloading their app. This app is mainly ideal for young professionals and freelancers, but would work with individual people who like to personally budget and keep track of their own projects and financial estimates as well. Although definitely geared toward the adult crowd, younger users can benefit from it as well, and the app is simplified enough for younger users to be able to maneuver their way through it with ease.

MyPrice iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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