Lucky Fighter – It’s Rock Paper Scissors with Teeth

Price: $.99

Lucky Fighter: iPhone Written App Review

Lucky Fighter iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

It’s a chant everyone learns in second grade. And, as we grow, it comes in handy for making decisions and settling our differences in a relatively peaceful fashion. Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT! Now you can take your RPS game up a notch with the new Lucky Fighter iPhone app from Hiccup Studio. This app pits you in a head-to-head rock paper scissors tourney against some punk thugs. Combine that with some comic-style graphics and you’ve got a cool app with a sweet price tag. Let’s see how Lucky Fighter stands up to The iPhone App Review’s critique.


In Lucky Fighter you face off with a wide variety of baddies. The goal is to get through all 100 of your opponents so you can face a big boss for ultimate domination. As the title suggests, luck plays a big part in the app’s gameplay, much like the real life version. But there’s also a wide range of boosts, health potions and other helpful game pieces that can help you navigate the rock paper scissors battlefield with strategic aplomb. It’s really pretty rad.

There are other features that help propel Lucky Fighter to top game status. You can customize your own game avatar with your photos. That’s right, you can put yourself into the game. It doesn’t alter the gameplay, but it does make the app a bit more interesting. Lucky Fighter also features Game Center integration and unlockable achievements.

I did run into a few gameplay issues. About half the time I used the cool rage meter attack, which allows you to take out three opponents instead of one, the game screen never went back to normal. So either I couldn’t see my avatar, the fight itself or the boosts. The issue varied, but it effectively made it impossible to play the game properly. A force restart was needed in each occasion to clear up the game.

Layout & Design:

Lucky Fighter iPhone App Review

Lucky Fighter

I mentioned the comic-style of Lucky Fighter’s graphics briefly. They’re pretty sharp and vibrant. There’s a solid variety of bad guys, which is always nice, to keep the game from getting monotonous. There’s also a comic-style storyline, which features story scenes with approximate English translations that aren’t quite spot on. I don’t think the comic reliefs really add much to the game since the story is impossible to follow due to poor translations. The parts that do come through are a bit ridiculous.

Overall, Lucky Fighter makes a crisp graphic impression and is visually engaging and interesting.


After a brief intro sale, Lucky Fighter costs users $.99 to download and play. There are potion packs you can buy in-app that really help you make it through the 100 baddies. I found myself wishing there was a way to earn game credit to buy them by battling, but, unfortunately, there isn’t. I don’t see how anyone could actually win the game entirely without potion assistance, so I am cutting half a star point out of the app’s value. Considering how addictive the gameplay is I do suggest giving this app a go. If the functionality issues were corrected and the storyline made a bit more sense, I’d be inclined to nudge the app’s overall rating up a bit. Still, it’s a good first effort on the app. I’m looking forward to future improvements and corrections.

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Lucky Fighter iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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