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GreenPleco: iPhone Written App Review

GreenPleco iPhone App Review


If you’re a sucker for eco-friendly game play, the GreenPleco iPhone app from GreenPleco might just be your new favorite app. Not only is the theme of this game all about saving the environment and cleaning up our rivers, it’s actually pretty challenging. Let’s see how it held up to our critique.


GreenPleco is broken up into four parts. The first main game you play unlocks three mini eco-games. In the main event, you lead a green pleco fish through a river bed, guiding a ball that will plug up a pipe that’s polluting the eco system. This part of the game is pretty frustrating, since the controls aren’t always very responsive and in the river bed it’s hard to tell when you’re running into a foe.

The confusion is only amplified by the fact that the game’s introduction won’t scroll, so when you start playing it’s hard to know which items are good and which are bad. Add in some sporadic ball play, and you have a game that’s challenging, but mostly because it’s so frustrating.

The three mini games you unlock if you ever luck into a win in the main game are also eco-friendly. You guide animals on quests to rehabilitate the environment. I love the theme, but am less enamored with the app’s execution.

Layout & Design:

GreenPleco iPhone App Review


I already mentioned a few major issue’s with GreenPleco’s functionality. Those were regrettable. The graphics in the game are alright. There’s some smart layering work that gives the app a three-dimensional feel. The characters are interesting, and the game gets a lot better when you get to select which one you play. Still, it feels a bit amateur and I found myself wishing for a bit better.


The issues with the app info screen navigation and the frustrating control of the main character throughout the app were just too much to overlook. Despite the fact that I’m running the latest version of iOS, 5.1, and had nothing else running at the time, playing GreenPleco was frustrating, and not in a good way.

Overall Value:

GreenPleco currently costs $1.99. I just don’t think an app with so many problems is worth that much. If it was free and obviously in beta I could see downloading this app, if only to help the creators iron out some bugs. But paying $2 for a game that just doesn’t work properly is not how I roll. I hope the developers consider taking this app back for some major overhauls. I really like the concept and would love to see the app with its issues corrected.

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GreenPleco iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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