Don’t Be Afraid to Tempt Fate with Ball Predictions

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Ball Predictions: iPhone Written App Review

Ball Predictions iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Peering into the future just got a lot easier. Next time you need a little nudge from the hand of fate, turn to Ball Predictions, a fortune telling app from PB Gramm, who have their own video of Ball Predictions. This neat nugget of an app claims to channel the predictive spirit of Marie Lenormand, a fame mystic who foresaw the fall of Napoleon, among other things. Will our iPhone app review give you all the dirt on this new title? The outlook is positive.


When I started looking into the new Ball Predictions iPhone app, I imagined it would be more of a this vs. that sort of app. But I was wrong. Must not have been channeling my inner eye. Instead this app is set up much like a fortune telling game or machine. You ask your yes or no question, shake the crystal ball, and wait for a reply.

And what is the outcome? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes the response is infuriatingly obtuse. But such is the way of fate. I asked the crystal ball what its next answer would be. It told me that it depended on me.  Touché, madam Lenormand. Touché.

Obviously the reputability of an app like this is questionable, however I was pretty impressed by the stream of answers I received. While they weren’t always the most forth coming, they actually made sense. Spooky, eh?

To improve on such a title, I’d suggest adding a part of the app that helps you decide between two things. Otherwise, for what it was, Ball Predictions was actually pretty neat.

Layout & Design:

Ball Predictions iPhone App Review

Ball Predictions

The set up and design of the Ball Predictions iPhone app is really very simple. There’s a simple crystal ball, filled with a collection of answers, and an otherworldly light shining in on the set up. While the app info says that shaking your iPhone is the best way to an answer, I found that simply touching the ball for an answer was a much easier way to get it to bring up a response. Also, shaking my iPhone always makes me a bit nervous, so I do appreciate having an additional option.

While the design is simple yet effective, I did find myself wishing for a record of my past answers, just so I could keep track of them. Otherwise, Ball Predictions is quite nicely done.

Overall Value:

It’s hard to put a value on an app that claims to have all the answers. PB Gramm’s slapped a $.99 price tag on Ball Predictions. A savvy business decision, in my opinion. Folks looking for answers can certainly afford to cough up a buck to get a little otherworldly guidance. You have only your skepticism to lose or gain.

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Ball Predictions



Ball Predictions iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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