50 Friends: A Spelling and Animal Adventure for Kids

Price: Free

50 Friends: iPad Video App Review

50 Friends iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

What kid couldn’t use a few more friends? With the new 50 Friends iPad app your children can have fun spelling and unlocking 50 new animal friends with this interactive educational app from FLASHPROM LLC.

Concept & Gameplay:

50 Friends walks kids through the process of discovering the alphabet, and an interactive drag and drop spelling interface where the animals are the stars. Each letter in the alphabet can be touched, and the letter’s name will be repeated out loud. The animal star is also interactive. A single touch cues the sound that animal makes and its name is repeated aloud.

Once kids are ready to start spelling, they can touch and drag the alphabet letters into a spelling interface. Incorrect letters will shoot back up to the alphabet, and only the correct letters will remain in place. Once the entire animal name is spelled correctly, that animal is unlocked in the app’s sticker style album of animals, where kids can visit their animal friends at any given time.

This iPad-only app is free to download, but only a few animals come with it, and the app is full of non-kid-friendly advertisements that I certainly wouldn’t want any child of mine exposed to. More about that in the value section, because, naturally, there is a full version you can unlock to remove the ads and give kids all 50 animal friends the title promises. I just dislike apps that are so full of ads that are designed for kids.

Layout & Design:

50 Friends iPad App Review

50 Friends

The animals, map and interface of the 50 Friends iPad app are all bright, cheerful and easy to use. Navigating the app will be easy for children, so, again, I highly recommend getting rid of the advertisements before handing this app over. I also didn’t particularly like the way the app had the alphabet laid out. It was not in a particularly logical sequence, and I would have preferred to see the letters strung together in order for ease, especially when the app’s target audience is young children who may just be learning the letters.

Overall Value:

For a $1.99 in-app purchase you can banish pesky ads and unlock all the animal friends in 50 Friends. I always prefer a clear-cut pricing and purchasing structure, especially for applications intended for children. In this situation, I would only suggest the free purchase as a preview for parents trying to proof apps for their kids before buying, however, I still wish the app just had one, upfront cost to minimize confusion.

The pricing scam aside, I think 50 Friends is a delightful spelling and animal app that kids who like creatures will really enjoy.

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50 Friends



50 Friends iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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