Sell Your Old Phones

Sell Your Old Phones: iPhone App Guest Post

Want To Sell Your Old Phones Fast? If there’s one thing you can be quite certain about when it comes to cell phones it’s that change is inevitable and the phone that seems new and shiny right now will seem old, worn and dated in just a few months time. This also means that as you were upgrading your phone you’ve probably wound up with a few old cell phones left lying around your house or apartment.

And if you’re honest with yourself it’s probably a few months since you even thought about that old cell phone right? The last time you remember seeing it was somewhere between your socks and your passport in a drawer somewhere – if you’re like most people. You might want to sell your old phones to make an extra few bucks but it just seems like an awful lot of trouble to go through for money and after all…what could that phone of yours be worth now?

Well before you go throwing that phone in the trash or into a dumpster you’d be smart to click on over to and check what they’ll offer you for your phone. You’re probably going to be very pleasantly surprised at the amounts that they offer for older phones – even phones that don’t even work properly anymore. If you have an old iPhone or Blackberry you’re not using anymore you’ll obviously get a lot more for it but do also offer cash for Nexus, HTC and other cell phones too.

One of the nicest features of the service is that you can have your phone valued in less than 2-minutes thanks to their online pricing system and if you decide to sell them your old smartphone they’ll even send you out a post-paid envelope to return the phone to them. Once they receive your phone and check it to make sure it’s the same condition you promised they’ll then either send you a check or pay your directly into your Paypal account, so you’ll only be waiting a few days for your cash to arrive.

If you want to sell your old phones and get some easy cash for them then is the only way to go.


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  2. Braco says:

    It’s true, social media websites can help a business a lot when used right. If you are not an expert in this field there are several companies that can help you. Your investment will definitely pay off pretty soon. Good luck!

  3. This post came at a right time.I was thinking about buying a new phone,but my money weren’t enough for what i wanted,so selling my old phone will solve my problem.thanks for the advice!

  4. Jeff Carson says:

    You may want to visit Hello Totem’s BBB page. They have been revoked and the internet is filled with complaints. Check it out.

    I used techpayout and I was paid top dollar with no hassles. Highly recommended.

  5. Copeland Lee (@copelandlee08) says:

    Before selling your old iPhone, you must know this: Warning from CNET: iPhone “Restore” does not delete personal data!

    Then no matter where and how much selling your iPhone, you should erase all personal data. watch this video:

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