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Your ETA: Are we There Yet?

TweetPrice: $0.99 Your ETA: iPhone App Written Review If you’re a parent, then you’re likely well acquainted with the terror that is, “Are we there yet?” It’s a question that’s haunted many a road trip, and though it may be an irritating statement, the sentiments that lay behind it aren’t all that misguided. What do […]


Saavn Music: Bollywood at your Doorstep

TweetPrice: Free Saavn Music: iPhone App Written Review A few years back we remember something really cool happening in the United States and United Kingdom: Bollywood, the style of music and film popular in India, became hugely popular. During that period, a lot of people heard their first film scores, or even saw their first […]


Energizer Pro: Shaking Good Fun with a Twist

TweetPrice: $1.99 Energizer Pro: iPhone App Written Review Here at the iPhone App Review, there’s nothing we like more than a good novelty app. You know, the sort that make it look like you’ve cracked your iPhone screen, or even just the small title that produces huge farting noises. You know the ones. However, today […]


Einstein’s Riddle: Logic Puzzling at its Finest

TweetPrice: Free Einstein’s Riddle: iPhone App Written Review Do you like logic puzzles? Do you wish you could take a few with you on the run, say on your iPhone for use during the morning commute? If so (and you’re looking for a real doozy of a puzzle, to boot) then pony up, Cowboy! Einstein’s […]


Ticker Quiz Brings Stock Market Symbol Fun to the iOS

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Ticker Quiz: Written iPhone App Review   Newly released from EOZ Games is the finance-focused Ticker Quiz app. Think you can quickly match up stock market symbols with their corresponding company’s name? Give it a show on this fun app available through iTunes. Gameplay: Here’s the basic idea for the game play […]


Word Puzzlin’ Fun with Word Cracker

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: Word Cracker: Written iPhone App Review   Word puzzle apps are incredibly popular on the iOS. I have seen loads of such puzzles here at TheiPhoneAppReview. Every once in a while, a really solid world puzzle app games out. Such is the case of Word Cracker from EOZ Games. Features: Word Cracker […]

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