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Inspire! Personal Productivity: Mobile Motivation at its Best

TweetPrice: $9.99 Rating: Inspire! Personal Productivity: iPad Video App Review Looking for an app to add a bit of pep to your step, help you step up your game or focus on the things that really matter? This week I reviewed an app that’s all about motivating you on your own personal path to a […]


Edit Videos on the Fly with Variety Video Maker

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Variety Video Maker: Written iPhone App Review Want to take an ordinary, everyday photo and make it look celebrity-like or super dramatic? Want to add some flair and fun to an image of yourself or friends and save them for others to view? Variety Video Maker from developer S-Mobile can help you […]


Personalized Weather Forcast: RainAware Weather App!

TweetPrice: $4.99 Rating: RainAware Weather: Written iPhone App Review Ever wanted a personalized weather forecast for your exact location and not just a general geographical region? RainAware Weather app from developer RainAware LLC purportedly offers this feature. It’s also supposedly a few steps ahead of traditional weather predictions, with its advertised “proprietary forecasting system to […]