Training Metronome: The Practice Buddy We Wish We Had

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Training Metronome: iPhone App Written Review

Training Metronome for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

In a time not that long ago, the author was once a music student, chugging away at scales, patterns, exercises, and rehearsal pieces. During those arduous sessions, he had a single, black metronome that’s only job was to beat the beat into the author’s young head. Now, here we are decades later, reviewing Training Metronome by developer DesaByte. The app is vast improvement over the little buddies we used to use practicing, and in our eyes, the app is a massive step forward for music students everywhere. If we have your interest peaked, you’re more than welcome to jump below the break to view our whole thought on this killer practice-oriented application. Staring with:

Concept and Functionality

In essence, Training Metronome as one goal, and one goal only: To be the only metronome app you’ll ever need for the iPhone or iPod. And, for the most part, it manages to do this quite well. Of course, the app will flawlessly reproduce four-four time in just about any beats per minutes you’d like. However, it does quite a bit better than that yet. For instance, the app also allows students to choose between three-four, six-eights, five-fourths, six-fourths, etc. The user can also select metronome playback in either straight quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, or even sixteenths. Across the board, we found the app’s performance to be perfect and spot-on. Best of all, if you’re preparing a specific piece, you can save your settings as a preset for easy playback later, even after several hours or days of inactive use. All in all, Training Metronome is a brilliant way to improve your sense of rhythm and timing on the iPhone.

Design and Layout

Training Metronome for iPhone

Training Metronome for iPhone

As much as we liked the app’s functionality, though, we weren’t such great fans of the app’s look. Don’t get us wrong: The app works like a champ, and nothing about the aesthetics will change that. However, we do wish it looked just at ad better. The gun-metal gray reminds us a lot of conservatory practice rooms, which is perhaps a subjective, though still unpleasant association. We’d just like a little more fluidity in the animations, and perhaps better looking options drawers. For instance, we’d like to be able to click anywhere above a tab to close it, rather than having to click on the tab itself.

Overall Value

Ordinarily, we’d be tempted to call an app that costs two bucks “expensive,” but in the case of Training Metronome, we don’t feel that inclination. Real metronomes are expensive, and considering this one costs less than a Starbucks latte, it’s an absolute steal. The app will be the only metronome you need, and though the looks aren’t quite where we want them to be, the app itself is beyond functional, and incredibly useful.

Training MetronomeTraining Metronome requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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