Tommy On Snow: One Slick Runner

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Tommy On Snow: iPhone Video App Review

Tommy on Snow iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Get your skis on folks! The latest app to hit my desk comes straight off the slopes. It’s called Tommy On Snow, and it comes to us courtesy of Adv Webbing. This runner gets a speed boost thanks to a slick, winter surface, and it even comes as a free trial so you can try it on for size. Our iPhone app review of Tommy On Snow reveals more.


There’s no special story line per say in the Tommy On Snow iPhone app. It’s a straight forward runner, where you control the action with a single touch of your finger. I’ve seen an app or two in this style before. Odds are, you have too. You control a runner, or in this case a skier, as he navigates a seemingly endless field of hills and valleys. A simple touch of your finger on the downward slope helps our hero shoot down the slope with greater speed. On the upturns, you definitely want to keep your finger off the screen, so the force can slingshot Tommy high up in the air with increased speed and distance.

The idea is to finish each level before time runs out. The better you do, the higher your star score for each level will be. It’s a smart set up that’s perfect for short, pick-up-and-play style games. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of gameplay variety, especially in the three free intro levels that we demoed. And once you get the hang of the game controls, you’ll be speeding through them in no time flat. Naturally, a bit of variety, either created by boosts, achievements, enemies or some other gaming mechanism, would go far here. Fortunately, runners are just naturally addictive, and Tommy On Snow is no exception, and that’s what saves this game from being a bit of a bore.

Layout & Design:

Tommy on Snow iPhone App Review

Tommy on Snow

The monotonous nature we mentioned in the game levels also translates to the Tommy On Snow app’s graphics, which are pretty plain. There’s a big blue sky, and a lot of white snow, and that’s about all she wrote. The main character does shoot through the air in a snappy fashion, complete with goggles and scarf, but that’s all the visual interest the app can muster.

My suggestion? Different colors, more progress indicators, a subtle shift or two as time runs out… any or all of these could give Tommy On Snow some additional visual interest without calling for an entire over haul. Just some thoughts. Oh, and if the advertisement bar could be moved, so you can actually see the bottom of the screen where your character goes, that would be brilliant.

Overall Value:

Free is good, folks. But in this case, Tommy On Snow is only free for three levels, and, as I mentioned, those aren’t going to take long to master. Once you’ve done so, unlocking the app’s additional levels is going to cost you $1.99, or you can just remove the ads for $.99. Since this app needs some tweaks, we suggest it for the free trial. Make sure you love the straightforward runner approach before buying.

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Tommy On Snow iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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