Stuntman Sam – An App for the Evel Knievel in All of Us

Price: $.99

Stuntman Sam: iPhone Written App Review

Stuntman Sam iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

The new Stuntman Sam iPhone app from Dinoroar Interactive puts you in the driver’s seat as you guide a strapping fellow on a motorcycle through obstacle courses. The objective? To collect as many coins and turbo boost shots as you can along the way, and to do it in style.


There’s not a deep story line behind the Stuntman Sam action app. He’s out for speed, plain and simple. Your job is to use a series of ramps, jumps and platforms to help Sam navigate four unique levels. Each level is randomized every time you run it, so you’ll never have the exact same game experience twice, which is a plus.

As you play you’ll use props to leap over different obstacles (careful, you only have three lives to burn), and collect goodies along the way. You definitely want to aim for the coins. The more coins you collect the more upgrades you can buy in the shop. With coins you can upgrade your bike (although, we kind of liked how the intro bike handled, to be honest), purchase extra turbo boosts and even get some cool new ramps to help show off your mad biking skills. Although it is satisfying to be able to buy items quickly, by the time we passed the first round and unlocked the second, we were able to buy every item in the store. Either the available equipment needs to expand or buying it needs to be harder.

If you complete a level and earn silver or gold, you can compete in a special bonus round. You must earn a gold rating to unlock the next race. In our experience, this took a bit of practice, so to get the most out of this game you’re definitely gonna need some patience. In our opinion, earning silver, or a certain amount of coins, should unlock the levels as well. We got a bit bored of the first level before managing to unlock the second.

Layout & Design:

Stuntman Sam iPhone App Review

Stuntman Sam

To be successful at Stuntman Sam you’ll need a few different skills. One is a quick-on-your feet attitude. You don’t have much time to toss up some ramps in this game, making it pretty difficult to get ahead. Secondly, you could use fast reflexes. Even if you’d like to use more than one type of ramp, it’s almost impossible to do so fast enough for the game. If you keep a ramp poised on the screen ready to set, you may end up obstructing your view of oncoming items.

It’s a bit of a quandary. A bit more room to respond would be a welcome addition. Otherwise, the cartoon-style graphics are bright and clear enough, but decidedly unsophisticated.

Overall Value:

Adding Stuntman Sam to your app arsenal is going to cost you $.99. That’s a pretty sweet deal for a fun little app like this. If you like a good challenge, this is definitely an app you don’t want to miss. It will also be a good fit for motorcycle and dare devil enthusiasts everywhere. With a few tweaks we would be more excited about it, too.

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Stuntman Sam



Stuntman Sam iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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