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Paris by Metro: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

For those of us who have traveled to foreign countries and attempted to navigate the multitude of public transportation routes, especially in Europe, we know it can be very confusing. Throw in a new language that we may or may not speak very well, unfamiliar names and landmarks, and the whole experience can deteriorate pretty fast. Thankfully, there are several popular apps available to help make this process a little more painless. Paris by Metro, from developer Mallow Tech, provides coverage via maps and info on the main subway, tram and train routes throughout this famous European metropolitan area.


Paris by Metro is a pretty straight-forward map app. Boot it up and select from Map, Lines, Stations, From/To and Info options. The Map selection is one of the most powerful and useful tools in this app. It’s a complete color map with all the train, tram and subway lines marked, along with locations. It’s just for Paris, not the surrounding cities, but there is still a huge amount of info on this map. To help focus your search, tap on the Lines tab and view each specific route with the relative stations on each one. For more detailed info on each stop and what public transportation options exist at it, tap the Stations tab and scroll through the huge list, alphabetical and searchable of all the stations. Of course, Paris by Metro isn’t just a map app; as the items under the Info tab show. There’s some great info accessible through this tab, including Most Visited Tourist Places at Paris, Paris Airport Transfers, Euro Converter and more. Even more useful how almost all the content in this app is stored locally; an active network connection is not required for this app to function. The only portion of it that does require an active connection is the Euro Converter (fluctuating currency rates).

Graphical Layout:

Paris by Metro App Review

Paris by Metro rocks a pretty standard, yet still professional-appearing graphical design and layout. The map color codes the different train, subway and tram lines, allowing for a little easier decoding of the many lines in this large city. Further helping you avoid getting lost is the Lines option, with the color coded routes shown individually, helping you figure out just which stations are on each route. The app is very easy to browse and figure out, even on first use.


Selling at just $0.99, Paris by Metro is a steal when it comes avoiding getting lost. While I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the different maps, the overall feel of this app is one of a solid, professional guide to navigating Paris’ many public transportation options. I wouldn’t dream of going to Paris without a guide on how to get from the many different popular locations via public transport, and Paris by Metro seems to provide just that. Heading to France anytime soon and want an affordable map of Paris transportation options that you can carry anywhere? Get Paris by Metro today.

Paris by Metro iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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