Up, Up and Away! With Save the Balloon

Price: $1.99

Save the Balloon: iPhone Video App Review

Save the Balloon iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Charlie loves balloons! Unfortunately in Save the Balloon he’s let go of his red balloon, and it’s your job to help it rise safely through the air in this fun iPhone game from Felipe Tumonis.


Save the Balloon is a pretty cool little game. It’s a fun combination of vivid graphics and physics-based gameplay. That being said, it’s not exactly a pick-up-and-play kinda game. Even the intro levels call for a bit more concentration than that. Your job is to control two air steams (representing Charlie and his mom, respectively), pushing a little red balloon from side to side to collect boosts and avoid the obstacles and bad guys.

Save the Balloon is broken into four different mountain courses, with 15 levels each, for plenty of gameplay and a healthy dose of variety. The app features Game Center integration for global score keeping and 22 unlockable achievements, and an additional cloud sync feature that keeps tabs of your progress and syncs it between all your iDevices with the same iTunes account.

Layout & Design:

Save the Balloon iPhone App Review

Save the Balloon

Fun, colorful, cartoon-style graphics propel this air born app. There’s a cute set of intro graphics that set up the storyline. After that, the mountains and characters are still pretty darn cute. Even the load screen has character. While the app graphics and design are solid and definitely quality, clear graphics that look great on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. As usual, I’m a big fan of apps that are truly universal, since they look so good on the iPad 2, my personal favorite iDevice.

The game controls are pretty easy to manipulate, but I do suggest you watch the on-screen progress bar and breath meter. Once or twice I found myself in the unfortunate situation of being left breath-less, drifting upwards towards certain doom. It wasn’t very fun. So make the most of the boosts you float past and you’ll do just fine.

Overall Value:

Coming in at $1.99, the Save the Balloon iPhone app is a solid value. The devs have it priced very intelligently at an amount that it’s hard to call pricy, but still puts a bit of green in their pockets. The game is fun enough, the graphics are engaging enough, and overall it’s a solid value for gamers of all ages who are looking for a kid-friendly app. Be careful though, there is a side menu that pops out with links that lead out of the app and there is an in-app shop feature that doesn’t load properly. So while the app has potential, it isn’t perfect.

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Save the Balloon



Save the Balloon iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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