Turn your iPhone into a Tape Measure with Point & Measure

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Point & Measure: iPhone Written App Review

Point & Measure iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Push your iPhone to the limit and put its gyroscope to work with the new Point & Measure iPhone app from TapTapSoft. This app allows you to calculate your distance from items and the height of items just by using augmented reality and a little bit of basic geometry. Think this app might be for you? Our iPhone app review of Point & Measure can help you find out.


Being able to take measurements on the go definitely sounds like a useful utility, and we were pretty pumped to put Point & Measure to the test. According to the app once you have the height of the camera registered, simply indicating the bottom of an object would give you the distance in your chosen unit. The app defaults to metric, but you can adjust it to imperial in the settings tab.

Entering the bottom of an item and then taking a measurement again at the top of the item should, in theory, provide you with the height of an object. We had a mixed experience with the app.

For most of the distance measurements, once we adjusted the height correctly, we seemed to get pretty accurate results. For the height measurements, we weren’t so lucky. A lot of this has to do with maintaining a really steady base, otherwise a slight shift could alter the measurements significantly, especially if you’re measuring something far away.

The app does have a calibration option, which didn’t make too much of a difference to be honest. One of the cooler features is the app’s ability to share or save your measurement pics. They come tagged with your geo code info, the measurement results and other pertinent info.

Layout & Design:

Point & Measure iPhone App Review

Point & Measure

Both the brief in-app tutorial and the app itself are quite well laid out. Using the app is easy and intuitive, with all pertinent options being well organized in a tab design. Other than the design being extremely light handed, meaning the image you’re capturing takes center stage, there’s not much to remark on here.

Overall Value:

While the idea is definitely interesting, considering you have to give the app an accurate measurement of height before it will do you any good, which you may need a measuring tape for, it has limited usefulness. With the accuracy being so spotty, it’s hard to really find a big value in the Point & Measure app. It will probably be most useful for measuring trees or other distant objects, and only when you’ve had plenty of practice setting up the rest of the app for accuracy in any setting.

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Point & Measure



Point & Measure iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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