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Oh My Nuts: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Most iOS gamers have tried out the popular Angry Birds app. Something about launching cutesy critters through the sky to distant targets has proved to be incredibly addicting. Riding the wave of Angry Birds popularity is a horde of similar apps, including the recently released and humorously titled Oh My Nuts, from Gara Entertainment. With a solid launch trailer and a great support website, Oh My Nuts has jumped into the launch-gameplay app scene hardcore. How does it stack up to Angry Birds? Read on!

Game play is straightforward from the get-go: Help the squirrels reclaim all their lovely nuts, launching them through the air to their nutty destinations while avoiding mean birds, logs and other obstacles. You’ll be launching these furry critters from, hilariously enough, a pigs mouth, triggering the launch by pulling back on the pigs curly tail.  That’s it! You will get one shot on each level to launch the squirrel in just the right trajectory, and you’ll be scored by how many stars you can collect successfully on each level. Of course, to actually beat the level you just need to land on the end-goal nuts.  There’s a huge variety of levels, with all kinds of challenging obstacles to avoid, and 60 levels in all to explore. The actual game play is quite fun, and will inevitably draw comparisons with the popular app Angry Birds. One big difference I noted is the scale of the maps and the relative strength of the piggy launcher-it’s a much more scaled down version of size when compared to Angry Birds. That’s not to say it’s easier, as sometimes the smaller confines require considerably more precision to beat the level.

Graphical Layout:

Oh My Nuts App Review

Oh My Nuts sports a cheerful, cartoony layout with plenty of fun-fill animations. Fans of popular app Angry Birds will no doubt feel at home with the storyboard slideshows and general browsing options offered. Graphics aren’t quite as vector-based as Angry Birds, but they still look sharp and cute, sure to please younger gamers. The backgrounds on each level represent the various world regions that are shown on each map (Japan, USA, France, etc). Sharp-eyed fans will notice popular landmarks for each country on many of the maps (Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc). Browsing Oh My Nuts is quite simple, easy to figure out without a help guide on the first run through, as is the game play. I really enjoyed the stylized animations and overall art style of this app from Gara Entertainment, it’s clear the developers have put extra time into the graphics.


Oh My Nuts is available for the low price of $0.99 through iTunes,quite a steal considering the 60 levels, 4 countries (more on the way), achievements and solid game support from developer Gara Entertainment. If you’ve beat Angry Birds and need a new touch and drag game app for the iOS, check out Oh My Nuts. It may not be terribly innovative, as is common on the iOS app scene, but Oh My Nuts is a pretty good title, sporting whimsical graphics and some silly fun game play. Add in the cute critters and affordable price, and I’d say it’s a keeper of an app!

Oh My Nuts iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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