Audiophiles Rejoice: iVinyl Junkie Lite App is Here!

Price: Free(Lite)/$0.99
iVinyl Junkie Lite: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you simply love the classic sound music from a vinyl record, like a true audiophile? If so, you probably are familiar with just how difficult it is to get this awesome sound in today’s age of digital music files. Also fans of the vinyl sound are the developers at Quintessential Productions, Ltd, with their newly-released app iVinyl Junkie Lite. It purports to offer a simulated vinyl sound to your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad music files, through its free (lite) and paid ($0.99) apps.


iVinyl Junkie Lite basically adds  a vinyl ambiance sound over your music that you play on your iPhone. If you elect to make the $0.99 in-app purchase, you can use the Override feature to enable the vinyl ambiance when using apps like Spotify and Pandora. Boot up the app and you’ll be greeted by an vinyl ambiance toggle (from 0 to 11 on power) and an Override switch. You can use the toggle for adjusting the vinyl sounds when playing music on your own device. The actual vinyl ambiance is pretty decent, while it isn’t quite the real thing (listening on an actual record player is amazing), it’s a good match and sounds fairly impressive.

Appearance and Layout:

iVinyl Junkie App Review

It’s really hard to be impressed by the design of iVinyl Junkie Lite. I can understand that the developers wanted to keep it simple and to the point; yet it almost feels too simple. While he app itself will load onto older devices, the lack of multitasking in some of the models will prevent this app from working appropriately with your background music (unlike some of the other paid vinyl apps on the market with lower system requirements). There’s basically only one screen for the iVinyl Junkie Lite app, with an Overide switch, a toggle, Power Off and info buttons. I couldn’t get the Power Off or Info buttons to routinely respond to onscreen taps, although the toggle and switch functions worked. There is a nice audio “clicks” in the app that helps you know when you’ve switched over to Override.


iVinyl Junkie Lite is a pretty interesting app for a fun niche music-lover market. I like how it comes in both a free and paid versions, with the Lite version still relatively useful as a vinyl-emulator. The paid version is also pretty affordable at $0.99 and expands the functionality of this little app considerably. Still, the graphic design layout is pretty bland and the interface doesn’t always respond as expected. There also isn’t too much in terms of user support from the developers, at least not on their website. Overall, iVinyl Junkie offers a low-key and decent option for users looking for a vinyl audio app.

iVinyl Junkie Lite iPhone app requires iOS 4.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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One Response to “Audiophiles Rejoice: iVinyl Junkie Lite App is Here!”

  1. Lane Staley says:

    Worst app ever? You play your music and it offers static. Assumed it might add some warmth to the music like a tube amp. DO NOT PAY A THING FOR THIS.

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