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helloalbums: iPhone Written App Review

helloalbums iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Apps like the new helloalbums iPad app help photo snappers everywhere take their pics to the next level. With friendly integration to popular pic apps like Instagram, this new app from Conry Print bridges the gap between “nice pic” and scrapbook style photo albums that house your memories. Let’s see how they do it, and if this app fits into your idea of where mobile photo albums are headed.


The helloalbums iPad app comes stocked with several photo album page styles for you to populate with pics and captions. Oh, and it does it for free, which is pretty flipping sweet. I really like the idea behind this app. Those of us who remember traditional photo albums will appreciate the diversity and ease with which these digital pages can be filled directly from your camera roll, Facebook album or Instagram stream. You can even capture new pics right from the app if you’re into that kinda thing, for an instant snap shot to treasure forever.

Photos have a healthy amount of editing features, something I consider a must-have for any photography app out there. You can rotate, pinch to zoom in and out, reshade, add effects and flip the orientation all with super easy-to-use controls.

I misunderstood the app’s share feature at first glance. You do have a few different options. You can save the entire album you create right in the app, or you can follow an easy process to order a bound version that gets mailed to you. Of you can share individual pages from new albums, again via those social networks you love or directly via email or to your camera roll. I do wish there was a way to save it as an album directly in your camera roll or say on Facebook, but that’s the only thing I found myself wishing for.

Layout & Design:

helloalbums iPad App Review


Since helloalbums is an app that’s all about making your pics look polished and presented, its sleek user interface is simply apropos. Adding pictures is easy, dragging them in place a breeze, editing is streamlined, and every change you make reflects instantly so you’re not constantly having to save your project to see what changes you’ve made.

The templates for photo pages are pretty cool, and there’s a wide variety included for free in the app. I do wish you could edit them for size yourself for a more customizable product.

Overall Value:

As I mentioned, this app is entirely free to use and enjoy as long as you stick to the free templates. There are a few more you can unlock via in-app purchase, including a really cool chalk board style one. Right now downloading three extra templates costs $.99, which is still a really good deal, especially if you’re a fan of mobile scrapbooking.

In the end, I find helloalbums a great value for anyone looking for a way to take their mobile media and make it shine.

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helloalbums iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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