EZ Capture Pro: Swing and a Miss Never Felt So Good!

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EZ Capture Pro: iPhone App Written Review

EZ Capture Pro for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like to golf? Or, we’ll rephrase, do you really love to golf? Do you spend hours and hours fantasizing about the green, or do you wish you could just spend every moment practicing your swing? If so, then pony on up, Tiger Woods! EZ Capture Pro by developer i’m Apps is the perfect to your golfing regime. The app turns your iPad into a fully functional swing analyses machine, with which you can get the full ins and outs of your performance. If you’re intrigued, head on down below the break: We’ve got your full review of the app locked and loaded and ready to go!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, EZ Capture Pro is little more than a glorified way to catalog your swings, though when you stop to think about it, that sort of recording potential is nearly unheard of on the iPad. It works something like this: First, the user sets up the iPad a fair bit away from where they’ll be swinging. The app comes with tap-into-lace guides that even help the user align their swings with the camera. Then, the individual only needs to start swinging away. The app recognizes the sound of a club making contact with a ball. It then automatically records the swing at the set frame rate, leaving it on the iPad for the user to view at any point in time. It’s quick, functional, and above all, brilliant for the dedicated golfer. The option to playback the swing immediately in a variety of speeds is a brilliant way to get a first-hand look at your performance. In fact, where else are you going to get a slow-motion look at the core of your game? Without EZ Capture Pro, you just won’t!

Design and Layout

EZ Capture Pro for iPad

EZ Capture Pro for iPad

Another notch in EZ Capture Pro’s favor is the unbelievably simple nature of its interface. We loved the separation of the saved swings from the recorder: This made it quite simple to shoot a session, and then analyze it later on the backend. Furthermore, we also loved the fact that no input is necessary to shoot a session. Using either the front or back camera, we had only to prop the iPad up on its stand, point it in the direction we’d be shooting, and then whack away. Truly, and app’s design is best when it’s hardly noticed: Such is the case here, with EZ Capture Pro.

Overall Value

Granted, all of this performance does come at a bit of a premium. EZ Capture Pro costs a whopping ten bucks in the App Store, which ordinarily we would rail against, but in this case, we think we’ll spare the app. Where else will you get this kind of functionality? It’s simple, quick, and above all educational. And to us, that’s a true value.

EZ Capture Pro for iPadEZ Capture Pro requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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