Snippity Snip: Cut the Buttons!

Price: $0.99
Cut the Buttons: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Slice, dice, chop and cut-these slasher-apps are all the rage on the iPhone, with simplistic but entertaining game mechanisms. One of these “cut” apps is the new Cut the Buttons iOS app from developer Open Name. However, instead of zombies or fruit, you will be tasked with letting loose your scissors and chopping off buttons, right and left.


Wielding a virtual pair of scissors, you’ll cut buttons off flying scraps like there is no tomorrow, all the while racking up points and scoring on combo cuts. That’s the gist of Cut the Buttons and it’s actually quite entertaining. Sure, you’ve probably seen plenty of Slice and Cut apps, but few scissor cut apps like Cut the Buttons! You’ll need to cut the buttons off at just the right time to collect them in a cup at the bottom of the screen.

There are two game modes: Classic and Arcade. In Arcade, you’ll have to race to cut as many buttons as possible in a limited amount of time. Classic will force you to keep cutting until you miss three scraps with buttons remaining on them. Both game modes are varied enough to keep my interest, with additional in-game challenges including bolted-down buttons and more. The scissors mechanic really feels solid and forces you to approach each scrap carefully. You’ll need to balance speed with cutting at just the right angle for the best trajectory of button fall. It quickly picks up steam with scraps flying across the screen and different sized buttons begging to be snipped off!
Not right handed? Simply tap the “Right” button (or cut it, if you prefer) and the game screen flips to be playable by southpaws. Little features and touches like that really add to a game, even touch iOS game apps and it’s much appreciated.

Appearance and Layout:

Cut the Buttons App Review

While we see a lot of apps here at the TheiPhoneAppReview, few sport as sharp and eye-catching a layout as Cut the Buttons. It’s easy to pass over game apps with subpar or just standard graphics; however, Cut the Buttons is anything but standard. The design looks very well-done, with excellent animations, in-game trajectory physics, and outstanding icon design. Throw in a catchy background beat, retina display support, plus a creative (but still easy to navigate) layout, and you have one solid game app! The developers also maintain an excellent game support website, along with one heck of an attractive game trailer.

The sheer popularity of Cut the Buttons is pretty astounding. According the developers, this app boasts over 3 million downloads alone. Not only that, but its also been the #1 app in 48 countries and in the Top Five in 82 different countries. While some of the countries are undoubtedly fairly small markets compared to USA or UK, it’s still quite impressive to see these kinds of numbers for a game in a already-popular genre. It’s not free, but $0.99 is still a great price for such a fun app! For fans of “Cutting” style app, Cut the Buttons is pretty solid offering in this genre. With a great price, solid online support and entertaining game play, Cut the Buttons is a must-play cutting  app!

Cut the Buttons iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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