Coachable Hockey – Your Own Personal Portable Playbook

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Coachable Hockey: iPhone Written App Review

Coachable Hockey iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

With hockey season in full swing, it’s time for an app that helps you make the most of your team when they hit the ice. Coachable Hockey from SlippySoft Inc is just such an app. With this digital playbook on your side, you’re sure to have a one-up over the competition.


The Coachable Hockey app for iPad lets you create a play one move at a time. It’s really very cool. The interface stores cones, Xs and Os and a variety of moves from skate to pass and score on the left hand side of the screen. Simply tap the item you’d like to add to your play, then tap or draw it on the adjustable game board. You can view an arena to NHL or international standards, or get a close up of half ice or the goal area. Or you can work with a wide view. The choice is your’s.

Once you have your plays arranged you can save and store them in editable playbooks. It really is easy to adjust them any time, and finding them is as easy as flipping through a real playbook.

Our favorite feature is the automate option. You can actually see how the play would move by pressing a single button. That’s an amazing way to see if your play has what it takes to take it to the net.

This app is seriously cool, but there’s always room for improvement. While you can name your players, why not allow users to include team info in the app? That way it would all be in one handy location. Just a suggestion.

Layout & Design:

Coachable Hockey iPad App Review

Coachable Hockey

The Coachable Hockey app does make amazing use of the iPad’s expanded screen real estate. The result is a clean, streamlined app with no wasted space and a ton of customizable options. It really is as easy as touching and drawing to mock up a play, and if you’re confused at all the game has an awesome info tutorial that tells you exactly how to use it.

Overall Value:

The price tag is where this app begins to lose our enthusiasm. It’s a very interesting app, no doubt. But right now it’s listed at $4.99, and if the write up is correct that is a discount price for the app. Other than the animation feature and the fact that it’s easy to carry this around with you on the iPad, what you do in the app can be done on paper quite easily. We just wish the price was a bit more reasonable to reflect the simplicity of the app, or that the feature set was wider to make up for the added cost. What about adding a security feature, or the ability to share plays between users? There are any number of features that could really make this app shine as a total resource for hockey coaches and their teams. We’d love to see this app blossom into something really amazing.

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Coachable Hockey



Coachable Hockey iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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