Car Butler HD: Driving Just Got a Bit Bigger

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Car Butler HD: iPad App Written Review

Car Butler HD for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

In a previous review we took an initial look at Car Butler for the iPhone, one of the greatest ways we’ve seen yet to improve your general driving experience with nothing but your smartphone. Now, we have the pleasure of taking a second look at that app’s larger brother, Car Butler HD for the iPad (both by developer Fancy Auto). The HD edition of the app brings along bigger graphics, more detailed maps, and above all else, a much needed increase in screen real estate. Keep reading just beyond the jump to see why, in this case, bigger really is (even) better!

Concept and Functionality

Just like its smaller cousin, Car Butler HD delivers all the same driving information and commute-pleasure increasing data we now know and love, though with a lot more screen real estate to work with. For instance, the app comes packed with a seven day forecast widget reminiscent of the HTC offering on Android. This portion looked great on the iPhone, but with the added size of the iPad’s screen, it absolutely shines. Furthermore, the maps section, which provides the user with information about their commute (including directions) benefits greatly from the added space. Likewise, we loved the look of the parking spot memorizer and street meter alarm. Both maintain the same feel we liked on the iPhone, but now have the chance to shine quite a bit more brightly. Lastly, we thought the accident report tab a bit more functional with Car Butler HD. The added space allows a lot more room to enter information (yours and their insurance information, the officer’s name, etc.) which strikes us as particularly useful in case of a genuine accident. On a similar note, the expanded map is unbelievably cool for searching nearby gas and auto services while on a road trip.

Design and Layout

Car Butler HD for iPad

Car Butler HD for iPad

We’ve harped enough on the benefits offered by the iPad edition of this app, so now we’ll instead stick to the more stock pointers. As stated, the map is brilliantly designed and incredibly functional. We liked how the services are kept along the side, making them easy to tap when you’re in need. Likewise, the commuter’s tab could not be any easier to use, especially with multiple commutes plugged. Lastly, we still love the parking meter and memorizer, which though a bit impractical unless you’re carrying your iPad around town, certainly looks gorgeous.

Overall Value

As with the iPhone edition of Car Butler, Car Butler HD is completely free in the App Store. As such, if you drive while using your iPad, we can’t help but recommend the app. It’s a must-have for any iOS-enabled driver, and will vastly simplify your life with its wealth of information, gorgeous graphics, and low, low price. Overall, it earns a solid recommendation, as well as a much deserved four and a half star rating.

Car Butler HDCar Butler HD requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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