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Big Gun: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Running a criminal empire complete with violent robberies, wild parties and horrendous amounts of body art for your gangster physique is not something most people do in their spare time. However, the success of games like Mob Wars and Grand Threat Auto has shown just how popular such a genre can be for video gamers. Throwing an iOS twist on the thug life and mafia empire game play is the new app Big Gun, from developer 9thQ. So how does this online mob boss game stack up? Can it compare with the big names in this popular violent video game genre? Read on!

Game Play:

If you ever played a Mob Wars of Mafia-style game before, you know what to expect from Big Guns. For those unfamiliar with this gaming concept, let me give you quick run down on the basics. Create a unique character (choose form a whole host of avatars with some customization options ), get missions and quests to complete from your mob boss, travel across the world completing these while earning cash and weapons, buy better equipment and make your character more powerful. You’ll be tasked with stealing cars, shaking down rivals, fighting off other players, all while trying to avoid the long arm of the law. There are 3 continents with 25 cities and 3 different gang factions to explore, along with an astounding 500 different items to choose from. Add hundreds of different missions on top of this and you have a pretty solid crime lord game app. Sounds tough to figure out? Don’t worry, Big Gun has an especially helpful tutorial that I found very useful when you start out the game. I t walks you through the main game play and really gets you off to a good start!
The combat system in Big Gun is worth making special mention of. Many other mafi-esque games have the player simply clicking and letting combat play out through a few unseen dice roles. In Big Gun, you’ll actually be face to face with the enemy avatar and must fight them Fruit Ninja style. Different attacks with a load of different weapons are available for you to wield. Of course, there is still some element of randomness in this formula, but overall it feels much more awesome than the rather bland combat featured in similar games.
Finally, it’s worth noting you will be required to have active internet connection for Big Gun to work. After all, you aren’t just playing by yourself. Instead, once you load up Big Gun you’ll connect to an online server with many other players, some friendly and some not so welcoming.

Graphical Layout:

Big Gun App Review

At first, the array of options available in Big Gun can seem a little intimidating and rightly so. However, the previously-mentioned tutorial really makes getting used to the layout a painless process and allows you to just dive into the game. The actual game graphics are really unique and eye-catching. Developer 9thQ has taken a stylized graphical design approach to the character design in Big Gun. Avatars rock a larger-than-life head with pseudo realistic imagery, just enough to keep the game play feeling serious. It might throw off some gamers, but I think most will agree with me-Big Gun’s art and graphic design is simply awesome. It fits the unique feel of this larger-than-life mafia crime lord game app.  The items and other tools available for your character look sharp and definitely thugged out, perfect for you role out with your crew in Big Gun. Need a closer look at the game graphics? Check out the exciting and well-done trailer for it on YouTube.


Mafia and mob style games are all over the Internet, be it on Facebook or other platforms. However, Big Gun’s offerings on the iOS do make it one such game to take note of. This interesting crime app’s eye-catching visual design, solid game play, affordable price (free with in-app purchase upgrades available), loads of items, first-person combat and hundreds of missions to complete really places it at the top of the genre on Apple devices.

Big Gun iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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