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Next Game Live for Baseball: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

I’m not a rabid fan of baseball, but I do enjoy going to the occasional MLB game in my area from time to time. The atmosphere is great and games can be pretty exciting at times. I don’t follow ESPN or other sports websites very routinely, but I’ve always thought it would be nice to quickly know about upcoming games for my favorite’s teams on the fly. Enter Next Game Live for BaseBall app, from developer Arkit. It’s a virtual countdown app and calendar for all the upcoming MLB teams along with a host of other features.

At its core, Next Game Live for Baseball is a game time and info app for baseball fans. The app will show you upcoming games based on the teams you select, and even run a virtual count-down timer showing when the next game starts.  All MLB teams are featured in the app, easily selectable under the “Settings” tab.
For Next Game Live for Baseball app to work, you’ll initially need to sync the app with either wireless or data plan internet connection to obtain local schedules. Then, Next Game Live for Baseball saves this game schedule to the built-in calendar (exportable to your own iOS calendar as needed) so that you don’t need constant network connection to look up game times. Of course, routinely syncing the app with an active network is probably helpful if you want to make sure no game times have changed and so on, but the not requiring a constant network connection is a huge plus. When you are offline, simply tap the “Schedule” tab and select from the previous schedules available from the last online sync, allowing for easy offline game browsing. Need to unleash a little steam? Use the event wall chat to cheer on your favorite team or throw out some trash on the others. It’s all pretty easy to pickup and figure out from the start, thanks to the intuitive design and features.

Graphical Layout:

Next Game Live for Baseball

I wasn’t entirely impressed with the graphical design portion of Next Game Live for Baseball. It’s functional and the app layout is simple for browsing, but its certainly a no-frills approach to design. On the other hand, it definitely doesn’t look like many generic “bubble” icon apps (so typical on the iOS market today) and does score a few home runs in my book as a result of that. There’s a basic baseball/glove image as the main (and only) backdrop, along with a customizable font option (under the “Settings” tab). I’d love it if the backdrops would change to reflect the schedule of whichever team you are following, but certain licensing restrictions may prevent this from occurring in the near future.

It’s hard not to recommend this app to baseball fans. It serves a truly useful purpose, allowing sport lovers to keep up to date with the scheduling of their favorite teams. Quickly being able to locate when the next game is, complete with a timer, is a great function of Next Game Live for Baseball. Next Game Live for Baseball is a free app and works wonderfully for what is was design to do-show off the upcoming baseball games. However, as a free app it does come with an advertisement toolbar on the screen. To disable it, you’ll need to purchase the No Ads in-app option, for only $0.99.  If you like Next Game Live for Baseball, consider looking into the other Next Game Live apps from the same developer, including ones covering NBA, MLS, NHL and so on. Next Game Live for Baseball is a fairly solid baseball app that many fans of this classic American game will likely enjoy.

Next Game Live for Baseball iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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