Backgammon Masters: Pure Gaming in Black and White

Price: $1.99

Backgammon Masters: iPhone App Written Review

Backgammon Masters for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you in love with Backgammon? Do you play it endlessly and wish for a gorgeous, convenient way to play it on your iOS devices when you can’t snooker a few friends into a real life match? Better yet, do you want to play people online, displaying your mad skills for all the world to enjoy? If any of that sounds appropriate—or even if you just enjoy playing the occasional round of Backgammon—then step right up, Cowboy: Backgammon Masters by developer 2KB is a pitch perfect adaptation of the classic board game for the iPhone and iPad, and we have yet to se a better way to enjoy the staple of modern gaming on your iOS-enabled mobile. Video is located here Backgammon MastersVideo. There is also a FREE version of the game located here Backgammon Masters FREE. If you’re a fan and want a closer look, you can jump on down below the break to view our full review of Backgammon Masters.

Concept and Gameplay

To be honest, we feel like both our times would be best served by avoiding the obvious gameplay issues. So instead, we’ll just say this: Backgammon Masters lets you play Backgammon. It comes with all the rules and triangulated game boards you’d expect, arriving with a classical mode we have a feeling most users will opt for. However, it also comes stock with a Turkish and Russian variant that spices up the gameplay—or returns it to the form you’re used to, if you’re from the area. Also, you’ll find an Old English variant for the hardcore Brits in our readership. Either way, you’re going to get a lot of really solid backgammon here, and in a format that’s incredibly gorgeous to look at.

Furthermore, you can also play locally via pass-off gameplay or Bluetooth, which is an incredible value for the real Backgammon fanatic. Add to this online play, and you’re staring at one solid venture. Or in other words, if you want backgammon, you’ve bloody got it.

Design and Graphics

Backgammon Masters for iPhone

Backgammon Masters for iPhone

So with the gameplay stuff out of the way, let’s dive into the nitty gritty of the looks. To put it simply, Backgammon Masters is one gorgeous looking application. The boards themselves are clear and precise, and we loved the guides which display possible moves. Furthermore, the AI is quite decent, even for the dedicated gamer. We had no problems using the local multiplayer settings, nor the online matchmaking style option. All in all, Backgammon Masters isn’t just a compendium of heaps of Backgammon fun, but a rock-solid design, to boot.

Overall Value

We’re, of course, tempted to say that the app is a tad pricy, clocking in at $1.99. However, for that money you’ll get a lot of tabletop action for not a lot of buck, meaning Backgammon Masters is an absolute steal for the dedicated fan. If you’ve been looking to play online or locally, the two bucks is even more of a bargain. Overall, you just can’t go wrong with Backgammon Masters

Backgammon MastersBackgammon Masters requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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