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Swipe Jump: A Physics Game with Real Promise

TweetPrice: Free Swipe Jump: iPhone App Written Review What’s that we hear? You want more physics gaming on the iPhone? Really? Well, you’ve come to the right place then, you bucking bronco you! We’ve got one hot item ready to roll for you, in fact. Meet Swipe Jump by developer Jmay Live. The app offers […]


Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

TweetWhat a (pleasantly warm) week it’s been here at the iPhone App Review! We’ve seen more than our fair share of apps recently, and if you’re looking for this week’s Top 5 Roundup, you’ll find it below. But before diving into the soft noogety center of that dish, why not sample our own reviews first? […]


shake2u: Bump It File Sharing Extended

TweetPrice: $1.99 shake2u: iPhone App Video and Written Review Do you spend much time sharing items from your iPhone to a mate or business partner’s device? Are you tired of the pain in the derriere process that this entails? If so, then wait no more for the messiah of iOS sharing to arrive! shake2u by […]


Audiophiles Rejoice: iVinyl Junkie Lite App is Here!

TweetPrice: Free(Lite)/$0.99 Rating: iVinyl Junkie Lite: Written iPhone App Review Do you simply love the classic sound music from a vinyl record, like a true audiophile? If so, you probably are familiar with just how difficult it is to get this awesome sound in today’s age of digital music files. Also fans of the vinyl […]


VinScan Barcode Scanner: Quick Information, Same Old Used Car

TweetPrice: Free VinScan Barcode Scanner: iPhone App Video and Written Review Are you in the business of selling cars? Or, do you spend your days repairing them? Or maybe you’re just making a trip down to the local DMV and want to have a record of your car’s information on you? No matter what your […]


Intelligent Alarm Clock: Wake Smarter App

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: Wake Smarter: Written iPhone App Review Dislike the annoying, nagging, and repetitive sound of your current alarm clock? Do you wish you had something enjoyable to fall wake up to before you go to work or school? Wake Smarter iOS app from developer Crop Duster Media can kick start your day in […]

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