You Jump! A Platform Jumper You Star In

Price: $.99

You Jump!: iPhone Written App Review

You Jump! iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

We’ve seen a platform builder or two around these parts. There’s something insanely addictive about the gameplay of these apps, and now there’s a whole new reason to love them. With the new You Jump! iPhone app from Bald One Media you can star in your very own platform jumper. We’ve never seen an app quite like this. If you’re ready to take center stage our iPhone app review of You Jump! may be just the ticket.


Like most platform jumpers, in You Jump! your job is to aim a character carefully, landing on platform after platform, in a never ending journey skyward. We were pretty impressed with the way this game develops. Unlike so many platform jumpers, You Jump! has a few tricks up its sleeve.

First, you can either take a photo or use one from your camera roll to star in the game yourself, or make someone else star in it, say , an obliging pet or loved one. You can also customize the game’s villain, so that you will be eternally pitched in battle against them in the shape of a space ship.

The game earns further points for being broken up into different worlds. Too many platform jumpers can be quite monotonous, but in You Jump! you can unlock additional locals. There are five unique scenes in all.

We do think it’s a bit frustrating to try to unlock them. It takes a huge amount of coins to do so, and while you can certainly shell out some cash to get them (more about that after the cut) doing it the old fashioned way gets really frustrating really fast.

Layout & Design:

You Jump! iPhone App Review

You Jump!

Other than the added cool factor that You Jump! gets for putting your face in the game, we weren’t blown away by the graphics in the app. They’re simple, two-dimensional, cartoon style graphics. The added variety of the game’s different scenes is appreciated, however. So we’re going with a middle of the road score here.

Using the game is simple, like most platform jumpers. Just tilt to aim and away you go. Yes, you can move through the sides and emerge on the other end of the game (something we like), and the tilt controls are extremely responsive.

Overall Value:

It will cost you $.99 to add You Jump! to your app arsenal. This game is fun, if you’re into platform jumpers. The character insertion factor is definitely cool.

Buying the game only unlocks one level. The others, as we mentioned, can either be unlocked by slowly earning enough coins (this takes forever) or by buying coins from the in-app shop. To give you an idea, if you decide to buy each level open it’s going to take 23,000 coins, or approximately $12.

We do wish the game had a slightly less expensive cost structure. If you’re interested we suggest playing long and hard to get where you want to go. Still, it’s plenty of family-friendly fun with an interesting twist. What’s not to love?

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You Jump!



You Jump! iPhone app requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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