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WalkNText: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you find yourself texting on the go, while jogging, walking the dog, hitting the park and so on? While it’s nice to multitask, doing this can lead to increased loss of situational awareness, potentially leading to serious injuries. Imagine if your iPhone turned into a see-through screen, allowing you to type effortlessly while still seeing what was obscured by the shape of your mobile iOS device? That’s the idea behind WalknText, a swell new app from Incorporate Apps, available through the iTunes store for $0.99.


So, in an effort to help iOS users increase their situational awareness and periphery vision, WalknText activates the device camera for a view of the ground beneath. Then, text and the virtual keyboard on the iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone is overlaid on top of this camera view. Simple, right? It’s a marvelously good idea and works with few hiccups. Of course, the view is just slightly laggy (iOS cameras aren’t exactly a replacement for a true see-through screen) b and you have to wait (not very long) for your camera to load through the app. However, WalknText  pulls it off fairly well without too much trouble. Sharing options for messaging with Walk and Text include SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Email. Of course, the login screen for Facebook pops up and obscures some of the virtual see-through effect, making it a little less useful. Still, the overall coolness of the see-through glass image while texting or emailing is definitely a nice touch.  There’s even a little flashlight function to help you see in the dark while you are texting in WalknText.

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WalknText also allows for a considerable range of customization by the user. There is a  great keyboard and text color selector tool (full spectrum of colors) to choose from, all with the tap of your hand . The camera screen function works very nicely and allows for the easy visualization of objects under your phone. It’s almost like you are typing on a piece of translucent glass, which is definitely a very cool effect. For more visualization of the customization and layout options, check out the nice trailer from Incorporate Apps for WalknText.


WalkNText App Review

Obviously, the biggest concern with an app like WalknText is safety. While I would argue that WalknText does increase the safety of texting, it also may lead to a false sense of security. I would be very hesitant to recommend parents allow their children to use this, as it might encourage youngsters to text at the wrong time while thinking they are safe. I’m certainly guilty of walking and texting, and I think WalknText would be useful, but it’s important not to forget to rely on your own common sense and remember your parents refrain to look where you are going.
Still, WalknText is a pretty unique app and one that will definitely be useful to the growing mobile customer base. Turning your keyboard region into a translucent view of the ground beneath your iOS device is truly a neat effect and a helpful one times.

WalkNText iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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