Valentine Wishes: The Perfect Holiday Compliment

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Valentine Wishes: iPhone App Written Review

Valentine Wishes for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Ah, Valentines Day! Hate it or love it, there’s no way of getting out of it. So, no matter if you’re feeling down in the dumps, or are looking for a perfect way to make the day even more special, use Valentine Wishes by Tenacious Tech to add some much needed highlight to the holiday! The app is a near perfect blend of games and card sending, and with the right amount of personal flair, we guarantee you can make your loved one’s day. So without further ado, skip on down below the break for our full thought on this wonderfully festive iPhone application!

Concept and Gameplay

The idea behind Valentine Wishes is relatively simple: What if you could reward players for the holiday by having them play various mini-games, unlocking special cards as they go along? More or less, that’s the idea here, and it tends to work with flying colors. Players are given an assortment of mini-games to keep their hands and hearts busy, and of the four included, all of them are spot-on. There’s a shooting game we particularly liked, in which players must roll an aiming reticle around the screen, tapping fire and reload to knock out heart-shaped balloons. There’s also two varieties of catching game, in which the players tap falling hearts in return for points. And lastly, there’s a tile popping game meant for two, in which players madly knock out their like colored tiles until all of them have been removed from the board.

All in all, there are a ton of cards to be unlocked here, and we greatly enjoyed the fact that we were so often rewarded for playing. However, we would liked to have seen a few more two-player games, especially as this is a couples holiday, after all.

Design and Graphics

Valentine Wishes for iPhone

Valentine Wishes for iPhone

As Valentine Wishes is an holiday application, we could hardly ask much more of it in terms of design. The app goes heavy on the pink and hearts, which fits right along with the motif of the day. Likewise, we greatly enjoyed the spritely animations and playful look of the mini-games, which set the tone perfectly for the occasion. Overall, we haven’t got any complaints with the app’s looks, and as the cards themselves are delightfully cliche, none there either.

Overall Value

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect Valentine application, wait no more! Valentine Wishes is completely free in the App Store, meaning you and your loved ones can enjoy its incredible gameplay, good looks, and endless charm without even breaking open the piggy bank. It’s a delightful app to compliment you’re planned festivities, and with so many cards to send—and such an easy way to do so in-app—you’ll get one heck of a lot of value out of Valentine Wishes. Our best to the app, as well as you and yours!

Valentine WishesValentine Wishes requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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