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Train Titans: Written iPhone App Review


Reviewed by Philip Chan

Choo Choo on the iOS? It’s true! Train Titans, from developer Sad Cat Soft, is a unique iOS app feauturing challenging model train puzzles and railway simulation. It’s definitely a different app from most games available on the iPod Tocuh, iPhone or iPad, tackling an often-neglected game play genre for Apple devices.


Train Titans allows gamers to try out a series of puzzle levels, building their own train track paths to connect different waypoints between cities. After this set of puzzles is complete, gamers can take part in a sandbox, open-play style simulation with challenges and obstacles through the Train Titans Sim mode. There’s over 25 puzzle levels to keep things interesting, plus a procedural map generation feature in the sim mode. Beat the puzzle level and you’ll be graded on your performance, from 1 to 3 stars, score based on how many pieces you used to complete the task. You may wonder how one could potentially fail at directing a train by laying down track from Point A to Point B. After all, isn’t that kids play? Think again. Game play isn’t just one train slogging along to its next destination. I found it gets pretty complex when you have multiple trains and switch stations going along at the same time, often in opposite directions. You’ll have to not only lay down the track correctly, but also quickly switch signals, track attachments and over in real-time while the trains are racing along to their next stops. Balance this along with trying for the highest score by being the most efficient with your track layout and Train Titans becomes quite challenging! Train Titans may look and sound remarkably bland, however it is anything but mundane. Instead, Train Titans offers rail fans and newcomers alike an entertaining railroad puzzle game with some neat twists and delightful graphics.

Graphical Layout:

At first, Train Titans looks relatively plain when compared to the shiny “whiz-bang” graphics and animations seen in many big-budget iOS titless. However, after just a few minutes with Train Titans, I was entirely impressed. It faithfully recreates the delightful feel of playing with my toy battery-powered train track sets I had as a kid. The developers have gone for a miniature diorama style look and it works! The game layout is also relatively easy to navigate, with a general info page at startup, then with unlockable levels and other options available through the main menu. Take a gander at the trailer for Train Titans to get an even better look at some of the game play and graphical layout in this solid title.


Train Titans App Review

There’s a lot to do when it comes to Train Titans, all helping gamers enjoy the thrill of playing with model trains that many may have not experienced as children. I really enjoyed the emphasis on this model train style-experience, and at $0.99 it’s far cheaper than buying a new railroad set! If you happen to be one of those gamers who can’t wait to show off your latest iOS score on Train Titans through your Facebook and Twitter page, you’ll be happy. There’s an easy-to-access social media icon on the main screen. With loads of puzzle levels, plus an unlockable Single (Survival/Sim) Mode options, Train Titans offers a lot of game play to keep iOS gamers satisfied. The 28 puzzle levels, along with the cool procedural map generation feature in Sim Mode really makes Train Titans a solid choice, in terms of replay and overall value. Throw in multiple difficulty settings, a fun soundtrack, global/local highscores, and over 30 building types, and you are looking at one heck of a swell iOS app. Don’t believe a train rail game can be a blast? Try out Train Titans today and you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised!

Train Titans iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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