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The Real DJ: iPhone Written App Review

Real DJ iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Do your fingers have rhythm? Can you tap out a beat so fast it makes your eyes cross? If you answered yes, or were impressed, by either of these questions, our iPhone app review of The Real DJ app from Float32 is the one to read.


In The Real DJ your job is to tap along with a pattern of beats as they come hurtling towards you from across the screen. It’s a rhythm game, and it’s entirely free. That part we definitely dig.

With the free, unlocked version of The Real DJ you can compete on one included song or tap it out to any of the tracks in your iTunes account. You can play each song on three different modes (easy, normal or crazy) and you can adjust the speed in each mode from 1, the original, to 4, a super crazy fast mode we only suggest tackling if you’re a pro.

We really like that the app lets you play with your own iTunes library songs free of charge (be cautious, DRM protected songs won’t work here). It adds a personal touch to the app that random techno tracks wouldn’t. There’s definitely a trick to selecting suitable tracks. Not ever tune will work well for the game, which suggests sticking to “exciting” hip hop, electronica, country rock, funk, punk, D&B, rock or house tracks.

There are a few catches, such as the limited amount of daily plays (more about that after the cut) but, generally, The Real DJ is a fun app with plenty of challenging settings and OpenFeint integration in case you want to know where you stand worldwide.

Layout & Design:

Real DJ iPhone App Review

The Real DJ

The game layout in The Real DJ is pretty simple. Beats come flying at you, you must touch the appropriate spot at the bottom of the screen at the correct time to hit each note. It sounds simple (even though the game gets hella hard) but we found a bit of a cheat. It’s way too easy to run your finger side to side along the bottom to get a great score. Hopefully in the future they’ll be some security measure in place to keep people from cheating. Besides, the app’s way more fun when you’re tapping at it like some crazed finger ninja.

Also, it’s worth mentioning, that while playing the game on an iPhone 4 without headphones, our hand covered the speaker, so it was pretty impossible to hear the track we were playing without using headphones. What a bummer.

Overall Value:

Down to brass tacks. For free you get to download The Real DJ iPhone app, get one techno play along track, access to your own songs for game-play, and an advertisement supported game you can play ten times a day.

Yeah, having a play-a-day limit is such a drag, we agree. You can always upgrade to the game’s “premium pack” via in-app purchase. This will remove the play-a-day limit and the app’s advertisements (horray!) and allow you to set a custom background image for $1.99. That’s not a horrible price, but we thought it would at least include additional tracks. No such luck.

So we have mixed feelings about The Real DJ iPhone app. If you crave funky beats and fast-finger action, give it a whirl. You’ve got nothing to lose. Otherwise, skip it.

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The Real DJ



The Real DJ iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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