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TapGeoHunt: iPhone Written App Review

TapGeoHunt iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Get ready for a new kind of mobile gaming. The TapGeoHunt app makes the most of augmented reality, creating a game that’s designed to get you moving and working as a team. This title from AppInstitute isn’t another boring digital game. You won’t be shooting at bad guys or slinging little grumpy animals across the screen. Our iPhone app review of TapGeoHunt will let you know how to get in on the action.


TapGeoHunt is a small scale, customizable game of geocaching. TapGeoHunt users set up games by creating check in points on a map. The app will automatically create a series of check in points based on your current location or you can move the map to any place you’d like and create your own game stops and even choose a custom time frame for the game.

Then it’s the job of the players to break in to teams and navigate to each spot. As you navigate within 10 meters of each check in you’ll uncover a cool augmented reality image and receive part of a story line. If you’re not sure where to go you can use one of your team’s lives for a little help, but be careful, there are only so many lives to go around. The app has several built in themes, from pirate treasure hunt to zombie escape and ghost hunter. Or you can select the custom video theme and actually create your own story line for the race.

The TapGeoHunt app has a lot of potential, and it definitely puts the latest augmented reality technology to work in a cool new way. But we do have a few concerns. One is for safety. When you create a game, anyone in the vicinity can join in. It wouldn’t be hard for an undesirable sort to join your party. The game could really use a password protect feature. Also, the auto plotted points do not take things such as roads or private property into consideration. Parents, you’re going to have to be careful if you want to play this with your kids.

Layout & Design:

TapGeoHunt iPhone App Review


The game set up and help screens are easy enough to navigate and use in the TapGeoHunt iPhone app. There’s a streamlined option during the game to view the whole scene in augmented reality that really improves the user experience. We did think it was a bit heavy handed on some points. The back button doesn’t always work and occasionally the info button is a bit slack in responding.

Overall Value:

Downloading TapGeoHunt is absolutely free. The free download comes with one theme, the pirate treasure hunt. Using any other theme, even the one where you create your own video content for each stop, is gonna cost you. Each additional theme option is $.99, and we could not identify any option to purchase them all as a discounted pack.

For a lark, the free version of this app is definitely worth taking a look at. The fact that the developers give you a full theme and access to most of the app’s features free of charge is pretty cool. The app could use some polish and possibly a more child-friendly setting that doesn’t cross roads, but it’s still a really cool new form of iPhone app gameplay.

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TapGeoHunt iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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