Tank-O-Mania: A Global War of Wonders

Price: $.99

Tank-O-Mania: iPhone Video App Review

Tank-O-Mania iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

There’s something about tank battle that captures the imagination and mind of even the most skilled strategists. If you’re one of those folks, our iPhone app review of Tank-O-Mania will be one artillery shot right up your defensive line. This guns-hot title from Retina Software is a lot of fun to play, and includes interesting global landmarks that really make it special.


In Tank-O-Mania you control a lone tank, and a fun accompaniment of grenades, air strikes and landmines, of course, on a mission to liberate the world. You’ll roll through six countries, completing four-level campaigns for victory in the USA, India, China, Italy, Egypt and Brazil. So that’s 24 levels of fun to blow up.

Don’t think this mission’s going to be a walk in the park. There are more than 30 different types of enemies, controlled by artificial intelligence, so no level will be the same twice. This game takes some serious strategy. Before you know it you’ll be juggling air strikes, stationary rapid fire enemies, and tanks that shoot double time, to name a few of the hurdles in your way. If you play smart, you can roll through these fair lands, saving the wonders of the world.

There’s a well-developed series of boosts (extra lives, enemy freezes, etc.) scattered throughout the game. Use those strategically for optimal gameplay. While it may not be the most original game idea we’ve ever seen, Tank-O-Mania is a lot of fun to play and just challenging enough to compliment a casual gaming style or a more intense competitive streak. Game Center integration is the cherry on top for this fun title.

Layout & Design:

Tank-O-Mania iPhone App Review


It doesn’t take long to realize that the graphics in Tank-O-Mania are intentionally simple. It looks a lot like a classic war game, so if that kind of thing puts you off this may not be the game for you. We think it’s a smart move that endears a healthy sense of nostalgia.

We do have a few issues with the game, including a big one the game’s joystick control mechanism. It’s cool that you can play the game with tilt-controls or joystick, but, as joystick fans, it can be a little frustrating to move when you can’t see behind the joystick or through your finger. If the joystick was a bit smaller, more translucent even when in use or had an option to move it wherever you want, that might be best.

Our second complaint is about the actual control of the joystick. There are some tight spots in the game, and Tank-O-Mania insists on precision handling to maneuver through them. It’s hard to see if you’re going to run into a wall or not, making you a sitting duck. Loosen up those squeeze spots, or make it easier to gauge depth, and we’d be happier.

Overall Value:

Adding Tank-O-Mania to your iPhone is going to run you $.99. This game is well worth the price, a lot of fun and something almost any audience is going to enjoy.

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Tank-O-Mania iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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