Tactical Intervention: Arcade Blasting at Its Finest

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Tactical Intervention: iPhone App Written Review

Tactical Intervention for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you remember those old arcade games you used to play in the pizza joint down the street as a kid? You know, the ones with the plastic guns that only occasionally worked and the mountain of enemies to shoot? Yeah, all of that joy has been perfectly transplanted to Tactical Intervention by developer FIX Korea. The app is a real blast from the past, delivering us to a world where quarters were all it took to enjoy a video game-oriented afternoon. If you’ve been hungering for this sort of shooter, wait no more! Jump on down below the break to view our full thoughts on this killer arcade title for the iPhone.

Concept and Gameplay

Before going any further, we really can’t speak highly enough of Tactical Intervention’s gameplay. The app expertly recreates the joy of those old arcade shooters on our iPhones in a way we thought wasn’t possible. In the game, players must use cover to hide from enemy shots, pulling out just in time to blast them with a bevy of bullets. Firing is as simple as tapping on the screen, while reloading is accomplished by simply covering for a second. Added to this are two unique weapons, one rifle and a pistol with many more in waiting as the game progresses. Additionally, you’ll also be facing a wide range of enemies, including smaller units that can be shot easily, as well as larger baddies that take a bit more lead to gun down. All in all, it’s an incredibly exciting mix, and with levels that move like lightning, you may not even have enough time to catch your breath between sets. The app also comes with several unique game modes, including a survival, story, and time trial setting.

Design and Graphics

Tactical Intervention for iPhone

Tactical Intervention for iPhone

Even though we don’t tend to talk about the graphics of an iPhone app the same way we might our favorite Xbox items, we have to mention how good Tactical Intervention looks. The app is realistic as could be wanted, and comes with a dizzying array of areas and enemies. Sure, it’s a bit blocky at times, but to us, it only adds to the already retro feel of the whole experience. The decision to add Game Center integration was also a solid one, allowing us to splurge on leader boards and achievements like none other.

Overall Value

What’s the best part about Tactical Intervention? It’s completely free in the App Store. Yes, you can enjoy all of this button-mashing fun at no cost. You can snag additional content at a premium via in-app purchase, but for that first hooking dose, all you have to do is sign in and click install. And to us, that experience is worth every pin. Tactical Intervention earns a solid four and a half stars, as well as our recommendation.

Tactical InterventionTactical Intervention requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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