SpiderRider Z: Things That Go Bump on the iPhone

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SpiderRider Z: iPhone App Written Review

SpiderRider Z for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Between you, us, and the walls, spiders tend to give us the willies. There’s just something about all those buggy little eyes, the hairy legs, and the tendency to crawl all over us in the middle of the night. Still, none of that kept us from thoroughly enjoying one of our new favorite casual games for the iPhone, SpiderRider Z, by developer KatzApp. The app offers a unique gameplay element that’s both thoroughly engaging and, at the latter levels, really quite challenging. The tilt controls are spot-on, and with a story that’s cuter than cute, it really can’t be missed. For our full thoughts on this excellent physics-based arcade game for the iPhone, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Gameplay

The basic story behind SpiderRider Z goes something like this: You play as a spider in love who, for some reason or other, has his girlfriend and home taken away by some particularly hate-filled bats. Once that’s done, you decide revenge is your new best mate, and set out to take down as many of the flighty buggers as you possibly can. This is accomplished by tilting the iDevice of your choice left, right, up and down. Doing so sends your spider around the game board. When he leaves the perimeter of the level, and successfully makes it to another edge without encountering any bats, that portion of the level is sealed off. The spider  must capture a certain percent of the total game board to complete the level. If you happen to lock off a bat during the process, you’ll be given an extra life. It’s really quite a unique concept, as an engaging mix of Pac Man, and Othello. And with the inclusion of speedier bats, a multitude of power ups, and other such obstacles, it can be quite difficult at times.

Design and Controls

SpiderRider Z for iPhone

SpiderRider Z for iPhone

First and foremost, we very greatly enjoyed the graphics of the game. The opening animations are cute as can be, and the actual game board itself is lush with animation and spectacle. However, we did find the controls a bit sluggish. The player moves the spider about the board using the tilt sensor in the iPhone. At times, this performed perfectly, but at others, we had to really crane the iDevice in any one direction to see movement. We would have loved the option to calibrate this, and we hope it’s included in future updates.

Overall Value

All that being said, SpiderRider Z really is quite the value at only a dollar in the App Store. For that money, you’ll get a world of arcade fun with an entertaining story. And if you’re into tilting games for the iPhone, we guarantee you’ll thoroughly each and every one of SpiderRider Z’s many levels. It’s a lot of content for not a lot of money, which certainly counts as a recommendation in our book!

SpiderRider ZSpiderRider Z requires iOS 1.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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