Spaced Invader: Whoever Said Clubbing Was Safe?

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Spaced Invader: iPhone App Written Review

SpacedInvaders for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

The more dedicated of our readers may remember that several months ago we covered a little-known arcade game with a classic twist called Spaced Invaders, by developer Kaimai Ltd. The app offered a unique twist on the ye olden Space Invaders concept, one we particularly loved and though truly inventive. However, the app was riddled with control issues that made it almost unplayable. Now, though, we’re proud to announce that Spaced Invaders is back with revamped controls, smoother gameplay, and an even better experience. All in all, you can check below beyond the jump for our full thoughts on the updates, as well as the truly stellar gameplay underneath!

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Spaced Invaders is first and foremost a direct homage to the classic Space Invaders concept, right down to the oncoming hordes and lone holdout. However, rather than playing as humanity’s last hope from a total alien invasion, users act as a deejay at a night club who must protect his precious equipment from a never ending onslaught of zomby-fied partygoers. It’s a fresh twist on an old idea, and we loved it in our last review. As you’d expect, the clubbers get closer and closer to the decks, spitting out missiles as they go. The deejay fires back from behind the turntables, knocking out enemies with every hit while avoiding being smacked himself. If struck, a life is lost, and in true arcade style, you’re given three shots before the ultimate game over is handed across. In-between the player gets to experience a fun volley of antique—though hardly outdated—arcade fun.

Design and Controls

SpacedInvaders for iPhone

SpacedInvaders for iPhone

In our last review, we felt somewhat gipped by Spaced Invaders’ controls, which involved a complex sliding mechanic not particularly fit to the medium. Thankfully, that’s been completely replaced by a markedly better left and right button, as well as a firing pad. The end result is an experience more similar to the classic Space Invaders offering, and with more fine-tuned control. Rather than feeling limited by the controls, we hardly noticed them, instead simply enjoying the game itself. The graphics are brilliant, and the club motif is maintained throughout all of the app’s copious levels. There’s plenty of content here, incase you’d like to spend many morning commutes with the app. Overall, we cannot applaud the developers enough for having revamped the title, unlocking the potential we saw in it so many moths ago.

Overall Value

Even better, the value of the app has only improved over time. At $0.99 in the App Store, the amount of content offered is truly a bargain. If you’re a fan of the original, or are just in the mood for a rock-solid arcade experience on the iPhone, Spaced Invaders will coddle you all the way to gaming bliss. It’s a brilliant title, and future updates will only refine it further.

SpacedInvadersSpaced Invaders requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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