Phone Drive: Treating Your iPhone Like the Flash Drive It Is

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Phone Drive: iPhone App Video Review

Phone Drive for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

If you know much about iOS at all, you likely know that Apple doesn’t make it easy to get your files from your computer to your iPhone, or vise-versa. However, that doesn’t mean some enterprising souls at third-party development houses haven’t been hard at work creating some inventive solutions. We’ve seen a lot of file managers during our time here at the iPhone App Review, but we’ve not quite seen one like Phone Drive, by developer Eightythree Technology. The app sticks to what’s great about the iPhone as a storage option, treating it like a flash drive and everything. For our full thoughts on this killer iOS file manager, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, Phone Drive largely treats your phone (or iPad) like what it is: An overblown storage unit with a lot of fancy doodads. This precision in design is very greatly appreciated, as the app largely sticks to its guns, allowing you to quickly move files from your desktop to your computer, or in reverse, at will. Obviously your files can be viewed on your computer, but with Phone Drive they can also be peeped directly from your iDevice. Supported file formats run the gambit, offering an impressive array for us to look at from our iPhone: There’s basic image and text document support, as well as a full bevy of video formats, including .MPV and .MOV. There’s also full support for iWork files, source code, and even HTML pages. We’re particularly fond of the latter two, as they’re often underrepresented, but still every bit as useful. All of this compatibility, of course, comes packed with a simple to use and easier to mange interface that allows you quick access to your media at any time. In other words, Phone Drive rocked our socks.

Design and Layout

Phone Drive for iPhone

Phone Drive for iPhone

We aren’t usually floored by an app’s design, but in the case of Phone Drive, we were extremely impressed. The app has a sort of quiet grace that’s uncommon to the field. The design elements were understated, but every bit as easy to use and navigate. We’ll spare you the gritty details, but every function we wanted from the app was nearby, usually only a click away. The copious use of drop-down and pop-up menus made the app even easier to use, as well, which seemed like icing on the cake to us. All in all, it’s clear Phone Drive has been thought about a lot, and the end result shines with polish.

Overall Value

We’ll put it this way: Phone Drive is currently at an half-off sale for $0.99 a pop, which is unbelievably cheap for an app of this quality. If being able to use your iPhone or iPad as a storage drive sounds like a great idea, then by all means: Give the app a go. The price won’t break the bank, and the functionality will amaze.

Phone Drive for iPhonePhone Drive requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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